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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, just started playing Xenonauts after a very long break. In order to avoid spamming the forums with questions that could be solved with a simple rtfm I was wondering if somebody could point me to a current version of the game's manual. So far I only found very dated versions hardly useful. Cheers, Radom
  2. Hi, my dropship got recently shot down, and i am cleaning up the mess but i get a strong headaches because i can not figure out a lot of things. 1, Dropship got recovered, and stays in my hangar with 1% health. It has passed 20 days, and nothing changed. I do not see any option to manually repair the dropship anywhere. 2, Some of the soldiers got recovered, but on the loadout screen it says their health is not 100%, but somewhere around 90's of percent... i have med center, it has passed 20 days, but nothing about soldiers health changes, they still show up red and without full health. I did not find any option to manually heal them. Is there any proper manual (not just that quick start guide in the launch window), so i can find these things out without posting on the forum everytime i get headache out of non self-explanatory features of the game. (Which is of course a big mistake because user interface should be always self-explanatory enough)
  3. I have a couple of questions: How do I purchase more of the plain old fighter jets you start with? (at first glance, it looks like you can only purchase newly researched stuff, ie. the Foxtrot) How would I build a second drop ship? Are missile batteries something I want to buy, maybe only later in game? Is there any advantage to building more bases other than more radar coverage, hangar space? I don't see any threads for strategy tips or advice on which research to prioritize. Are there any? Thanks in advance! Game's shaping up very nicely.
  4. I just got my steam key (I have not played in a least a year, I did not realize it had moved to steam) so I am playing. Very excited to see all the progress, but I would suggest a bit of an effort is made to reflect changes in the in-game documentation. I just spent over 30 minutes trying to figure out what I was doing wrong as the description of the starting drop ship say it can contain 10 soldiers, I was trying to figure out why I could not get more than eight! I understand some things not yet having full in game documentation, but incorrect in game documentation should be avoided at all cost as it can lead to a great amount of frustration among those very new or returning players you hope to attract! I am assuming, at this point, the limit was changed to 8 although that is a guess and after looking for an answer for 20 mins or so on the forum I am going to give up and go back to playing.
  5. Hello everyone! I've bought Xenonauts a few days ago, after seeing it on the early access on steam, though I had already heard that this "faithful remake" of xcom was in the works. I'm really having a blast so far, and despite the fact that the game just got into beta, it's already an enjoyable experience for me. I was, however, baffled at not finding any form of tutorial/guide/manual to the various game mechanics, or just in general how the game works. Is it because most of the game works just as it did in the original game? I've never actually gotten around to playing the original x-com (please don't lynch me ), so maybe anyone that played the original will find no need for any explanations; and I've played enough strategic/tactical games to figure out most things through testing or common sense...but I believe it would be very helpful to have a community-made manual for all the people that got to know this game through steam and maybe have never played a turn-based game in their life. Or maybe I'm just blind and there's a manual that I haven't found ^^
  6. Unbelievably, not everyone who has purchased Xenonauts has played the original X-Com. This means that occasionally people will try to play Xenonauts and have absolutely no idea what's going on, because right now we're concentrating on getting the mechanics in place before we polish the UI so it has things like tooltips to explain exactly what everything does. In fact, even those that who have played X-Com don't always know about all the features in Xenonauts - up til now, the only way to find everything out was to spend about a year hanging about on our forums. No longer! There is now a manual for Xenonauts. This will be included in all of the builds, and available for download from our website (link below). Essentially it just explains the function and basic controls for all of the screens in the game, as well as a bit of developer commentary on how we'll be developing the screens. Of course, the forums (and hopefully the wiki) will still remain the best place to get all the detailed information on the game, but hopefully this will allow all players and journalists enough of an introduction to the game to stop them drowning in confusion.... Download link is here: http://www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/XenonautsManual.doc Comments, suggestions etc are welcome.
  7. For the public build (as in the current build), there will be a link on the launcher linking to the game manual. I've not yet put together the public manual for the game, although there is a pre-order version floating around somewhere. For the public version, it needs to be a short and easily-understood guide to the game explaining the functionality of each screen without going into too much detail. Does anyone want to help draft the text? I can do it, but I'm going to be a bit busy with the other Kickstarter stuff...
  8. Hello First time playing and I have no clue what to do, just sat there until it said it saw a ufo then clicked intercept and when i engage I have no idea how to fight, i die everytime. A manual or guide would be good, can you point me to one please? Cheers Chris
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