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Found 8 results

  1. If I recall correctly pre-release version had a sight range bonus for being on higher ground, why is it removed ? It's ridiculous, and a sebilian standing in open field, with bad eyesight as xenopedia says, can see and shoot at my hovering soldier with a bleeding edge headgear on, but not the other way round. I'm all for hardcore xcom, but limitations such as this look to me like punching player in teeth just because "xcom:eu is for wussies, we be making real xcom cuz its hard hurr durr, and yeah we make computer cheat to know your soldiers' exact location and remaining action points because it's cheaper than to program a half decent AI" Anyway, is there a way to get LOS at least as long as of aliens' ?
  2. Save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/64975302/bug%20Weird%20los.sav So my guy outside the UFO can see through the wall of the UFO: spotting the aliens inside. The was an issue before I explored the UFO. I kept thinking there was a stuck alien in the hull of the UFO somehow, but it ended up just being an invisible hole in the side of the UFO instead. Hope it shows up in the save.
  3. Hiya Not a game breaker but: Cant path through or see through a 3x3 square next to this light scout.
  4. The line-of-sight angles are above 180 during night missions. Has anyone else had this problem? Also, changing the LOSangle and coneAngle settings in the config and armour_gc files respectively do not change anything about LOS angles. EDIT: they are more like 360...
  5. One thing that kinda bugs me is that I can't see if someone is shooting at my troops, while out of my line of sight. So whenever I hear plasma fire I just glare at the Hidden Movement screen and pray that it's not directed at me. With the projectiles nicely visible and slow, could it be possible to show us when they are whooshing around our soldiers? It makes sense that your soldiers would see the projectile coming (or going away, if someone tried to shot them from behind), but not it's point of origin.
  6. The western end of the crashed scout on the farm map blocks LOS in a weird way. See for yourself: This soldier approached from the south east.
  7. You now get four flares popped in your backpack at the start of a ground combat mission. This weighs way too much. I always have my guys geared up to their limit, so all those flares slow them down quite a bit. They should probably weigh less than a kilogram too. The darkness does not really seem to encroach far enough into your normal vision radius to bother using flares, so they seem pretty useless anyway. Last thing about flares: You keep getting more and more of them in your store room, for no reason, as you cannot equip them, and cannot sell them (for profit - I have not checked if you can sell things that have a zero dollar value).
  8. I would like to see an advantage to sending your sniper up onto the roof of a building. Perhaps doubling LOS range per level? That might sound like a lot, but you really can see way further from up on top of a building. Perhaps half again per level, if you thought doubling was too much. Of course, this would not affect the darkness at night (which I think does not really have that much effect at the moment)
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