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Found 5 results

  1. It would be nice if I could keep my looted alien weapons after the mission ends. If I am in a battle and put something in my backpack it should stay there when I get back IMHO.
  2. Hi guys great game, played 150 hours so far, only a few of things need to be changed in the game for i feel. 1 no items should be returned to base until after the transport craft lands in my opinion. 2 the basic jets should have more ammo and 2 more missiles. 3 data cores should be seen on the battle map as damaged within the ship if at the end of the mission they come up as damaged, or if they are not then they should be damageable in battle and reported damaged in the score system. 4 an easier way to target enemies behind walls and fences 5 an option to turn down the volume on the alert sound, ie when you click the red flying arrow on the world map it makes a very loud sound. turning it down without turning down other volume sounds would be good.
  3. What stuff, when shot up in an alien vessel/base, results in less money to the xenonauts? I am not sure what is cosmetic and what is imporant.
  4. I just download the game second time (at the first time I played about 30 minutes). first of all, thanks, it's like back to past (ufo, terror, x-com apoc). But I have a question. Can I equip blasters to my solders not in battel? Because at equip screen I have only balistics laser weapon(plasma already developed). Game version - last beta from steam p.s. Sorry for my english. p.p.s. One more time - thanks for the game
  5. Greetings. I have a question regarding things and bodies xenonauts revcover from ground mission. Am I correct that some part of it might be lost in transporting? I had a mission where two sebilians were shot and saw both bodies and weapons on a ground via inventory screen. No explosives were used, but mission result screen stated that both corpses were "destroyed". Also, plasma pistol was reported as found and plasma firle was reported as sold. Did I miss something?
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