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Found 3 results

  1. Nutshell Idea: Add an unlockable flare-like item "electro-flare" that semi-replaces the flares used in night missions. Details: This new flare-like item "electro-flare" would: a) emit light in a significantly larger radius than normal flares b) last forever, as in, does not burn out c) be recoverable and reusable in the ground combat (throw it, walk on top of it, pick it up, throw it again) d) not be available by default in unlimited quantities during night missions This item would be unlocked after a certain research project (I'm thinking Alien Electronics, but I'm open to suggestions) and would thereafter be available in unlimited quantities in the soldier equip screen, under grenades. This item would not remove flares from the game; flares would still be available in unlimited quantities by default during night missions. Reasoning: The current flares are more useful for spamming; they are unlimited in quantity, they last a relatively short time (only a few turns, right? Correct me if I'm wrong), and they come by default any time you'd need them. They are always there and they are useful. However, we can do better than that once we have our hands on some alien technology, right? I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if we had a throwback to the original UFO:EU and added electro-flares like they had in that game? Of course they'd have to fit the balance, and not be somehow overpowered or "the thing to use" all the time; they're designed to basically replace flares, but with a cost, meaning that normal flares may end up being the best option. Here is a breakdown of the main differences, the "better" thing being in italics: Flares /vs/ electro-flares: The drawbacks would balance this out, making it less likely to completely replace the normal flare in every situation. Only if you wanted to use up space/weight could you get them. Plus, they'd be unlocked after an alien research project, so it's not like you didn't work to get them anyway. Also, with deadlier aliens appearing as the game goes on, a little help in the night combat through a better flare would be welcome, wouldn't it? Conclusion: I think this'd be a brilliant addition to the game; it would show that we (the Xenonauts, and all of humanity, really) are developing all areas of our technology, not only our offensive weapons, armor, and aircraft. We are even making our light sources better due to the alien technology. Plus, it'd be a direct throwback to the OG, which I'd appreciate, and I'm sure others would enjoy it as well. Ha, we could even use roughly the same electro-flare design (image wise) as the OG did (designed to look Xenonaut-y, of course). In fact, I'd recommend that. Anyway, thoughts? Would this be useful in/worth it to add to the game? Would you replace flares with electro-flares in every circumstance, and would this be a bad thing? EDIT: In case anyone cares to see what the original electro-flare was, here's the UFOpaedia page: http://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Electro-flare
  2. I've had a look through and no on has quite covered this precise mission, I apologies if this would be better fitted into another thread though. So I arrived at a terror mission to overwhelming Alien presence. I was able to kill a couple without loses, however my only option now is to try and rescue civvies by knocking them out and carrying them (don't know if this works as the rescue team got killed) which is when the thought hit me. Why not for terror missions only introduce a low AP cost command (or even simply proximity triggered retreat on easier difficulties) to tell civvies you've approached within a certain number of tiles to run to the chopper. That way you can grab the alien gear/corpses nearby and leg it while rescuing a small number of civvies. There is an issue of chopper weight but considering that they grab tonnes of loot each mission that would exceed a few civvies. Also, something has been bothering me about night terror mission and that is the lack of street and traffic lights at night, some buildings have mains power lights but all street lamps and other buildings have none. Perhaps low light (so no or even less effective than flares) emergency lighting in a super market or bank (maybe just the counter room?) since the bank I believe has the working lamps anyway. Some low ambient street lighting, or flickering lamps would add to polish and immersion of maps. Not sure how practical the second is, or of an easy way to implement beside remaking the maps. Unless it could be done through an updated tile-set to avoid remaking maps? Similar could be done for ambient sounds suggested elsewhere? Sorry if I'm not clued up on how the map maker works.
  3. I ask because during some musing about muzzle flashes (ie, as I understand, not possible unless you want to redo a large number of sprites), I ended up thinking about lighting in general and realised that the night maps are currently very dark (well, farm and industrial, haven't tried town at night) and have no pre-defined sources of light. There's no light sources outside of the ones caused by the xenonaut equipment (or the UFO), however, there's obviously some sort of spawn code for light that's used to generate a light source (or fake it) at the location a thrown flare lands. Is it at all possible to leaverage this code to designate light sources in the map editor to display when a map loads? Even if it's just a quick and dirty list of coordinates it would allow the illusion of working lamposts on the industrial and town maps, which would be a lovely graphical addition to the game. As a further question, are the light sources just circular in nature or can they function like the trooper's vision cones? If they are directional you might able to use them to give the impression of headlights on the static car models on the town maps. If you can specify colour, hey presto, rear lights as well. It's only graphical tweaking mind you, but it's one of those little touches that add a bit of ambience to maps.
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