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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everybody, hope I'm posting this in the right place. As the title suggests I'm doing a Blind play though of the vanilla Xenonauts on my YouTube channel. I love the genre so hopefully I won't suck too much I'll be uploading 2 episodes a week (Mondays & Fridays) and the videos will hopefully be about 20 - 40 minutes long. If that sounds like it could be something you guys and gals might like here's the link to the first Episode: I'll be naming my soldiers/planes/etc after anyone who comments and basically wants to die for the good of humanity Thanks GFB
  2. Boys & Girls! Let's take, play, throw Xenonauts with Chaotic Parasite. Relax and enjoy a noobish review of the game. I hope some people will see this video and will fall in love with the game. I am open to any suggestions you might have. While also if you will like me to make a let's play of this please let me know Hope you like the vid. Alex aka ChaoticParasite
  3. Sathra

    X-com eu lp

    Well, lets get this show on the road. I'll be playing this with Seb76's UfoLoader with heavier Heavy Plasma, stackable grenades and 200 power HE packs. Edit: Heavy Plasma and Plasma Pistols have also been modified, Heavy Plasma extensively so. It'll be on Superhuman, since every other setting makes me paranoid for some reason. [/url] Current recruits: Cpt. HunterHavoc - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs. Kills - 25. Col. Dix II - Heavy Laser, P Pistol, HE Packs,Medikit. Kills - 25. Sgt. Kirmu III - Heavy Laser, HE Packs, P Pistol. Kills - 14. Col. Assoonasitis - P Rifle, HE Packs. Kills - 45. Col. Jean-Luc II - L Rifle, L Pistol, Stun Rod, 2 grenades, 1 Smoke, Scanner, 2 Medikits. Kills - 29. Cmdr. Lucy Fer - L Rifle, L Pistol, 2 grenades, Scanner and Medikit. Kills - 32. Sgt. Animal II - L Rifle, Stun rod, 1 Smoke, Scanner, Flare, Medikit. Kills - 6. Lenina Huxley - Pistol, Stun Rod, Medikit, Flare. DEAD. Cpt. Marren Nidth - Heavy Plasma, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 21. Marty Marillo III - L Rifle, P Pistol, Medikit, HE Packs. Kills - 13. Cpt. RavenX II - P Rifle, 2 grenades. Kills - 5. Current Casualties: 17. Casualties that count: 8. Tanks Lost: 2. I'll update this list as needed, with stuff in italics kit yet to be available. Inform if you want to make changes. As for death, thinking of just having you cycle into a new recruit with a number appended, or 'possess' one of the NPC troopers if possible (your choice) and rename them. If you want to write up in-character stories or give tips and such, feel free as long as it doesn't derail the thread too much. (Links to stuff goes here)
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