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Found 4 results

  1. So I just started my first encounter with an alien base using V20. In past past I would go out the little hall to let the aliens know I had arrived then I would run back to the starting room and hunker down as waves of aliens came marching down the hallway and into the room where a flurry of reaction fire would eventually gun them all down. Not this time, they waited for me to come to them! So finally I make my way down toward the room the occupy, throw some smoke and get into cover to begin my assault. I place a couple guys next to each other behind some cover and what do the aliens do? Toss a grenade and wipe out both guys! Loving the improved alien behavior!
  2. Just wanted to tell developers: you are doing it right. I've played V-19, frowned at graphics at first but then at a moment I realized it's morning already. I'm a big fan of UFO-1 and UFO-3 (Apocalypse), and Xenonauts deliver. V20-4 and V20-5 added almost everything I wanted to GUI and gameplay, so I'm sure devs won't screw things up. My best money spent on a game in 2013, please keep doing whatever you are doing there same way.
  3. Last night they were actually coming after me from all directions! It was awesome. I was really sweating the base attack mission. Good work and two thumbs up!
  4. I'm really enjoying the ground combat with the new accuracy settings. It feels like old X-COM. Soldiers getting caught out in the open and killed by plasma fire, sneaking up on UFOs, tossing grenades in then closing the door. Good stuff! I still think that grenades need one more square.
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