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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I haven't played any beta in a long time, as I was mainly focusing on the translation. This week I had to start a few games to check any translation problem, and the first thing to do in the game is to shoot down a few UFO. Honestly I was a bit disappointed. 1) Once you create and lunch a squadron, you can't split the aircrafts anymore..... why??? 2) The interceptors consume so much fuel during the combat that unless you intercept the UFO right over your base, the combat often resolves in a retreat for low fuel. wtf? Does anybody know if there i any fix planned for these issues? Gam
  2. Hi The pop up for bingo fuel came up and I selected retreat. The condor chose to fly to the furthest corner to escape and ran out of fuel before it reached the edge of the screen. Also, It is quite annoying sitting and watching those retreats. How about a speed up time button for air combat?
  3. It's the third week in January. I've just had the largest wave of UFOs yet. I'm about to take off for a terror mission, when I see a landing ship angling in towards my base. Sure enough, it's a base attack. Glad I held off, as several builds ago I had to defend with three injured soldiers. After the base attack, it's off to a landed Cruiser. Then it's off to a terror site in Kiev (I take on the UFO). As I'm returning I see that there's a landing in Canada. Do I have enough fuel? I surely do, and it's another Cruiser. While getting to the Cruiser my interceptors take down a UFO just over the border in the US. Alas, it's only a Heavy Fighter, but I would probably have had enough to get there too, had it been a crash site. That's probably the longest the Chinook has been up for me. Never mind all my posts about grenades. I really, really needed them all here. Note: I look out for the Base Attack just from experience with the game. In waves of UFOs it's going to catch out a number of players with a Chinook in the air. Now, if I didn't have a few spare soldiers that would be game over. Just something to think about.
  4. I'm pretty sure 80% of my air combats and chases end with my jets running out of fuel and having to leave prematurely. Any chance of having a larger tank for the jets? It's quite awful, especially with the habit of zigzagging UFOs have. Possible solution that wouldn't break the game: Stop jets from using up fuel in air combat. They use it at the same rate as they do on the world map and I bet the air combat map is smaller.. It's not a game-breaker but it is very annoying! Edit: Five air combats in a row my jets have run out of fuel. I've got 3x F17 2x MIG at base1, 2x F17 at base2 and 1x F17 at base3.. No matter where I spot the UFO none of my planes will reach it before running out of fuel Planning to get four full wings of F17 F17 MIG eventually. Edit2: Six. Edit3: Seven, with one successful air combat in between..
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