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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all - here is a list I put together a little while ago which summarises the purpose of each of the various configuration files in the Xenonauts "assets" folder which control most of the game. The list is organised so that the files that are relevant to the 3 main areas of the game (Ground Combat, Geoscape and Air Combat) are collected together. It is purposefully just a short summary, and though most you probably know this all already it will be helpful to new modders. Let me know if you spot any mistakes or important files I've missed. - Ground Combat - aiprops.xml Defines the basic stats and equipment of all AI controlled units - including alien drones and unarmed civilians armours_gc.xml Defines the stats of various human armour types for the Ground Combat, such as resistances and sight range. Includes human vehicle armour too config.xml Selection of general GRound Combat related definitions - things like movement AP cost, LOS rules and character movement stats. Also includes some debug commands to force GC to always occur at night. corpseprops.xml Defines the appearence, shape and size of the corpse props when viewed in the players inventory screen during GC gas_gc.xml Defines the types of gas (smoke, nerve gas etc...) in GC and how they behave levelsetup.xml levelsetup_quickbattle.xml levelsetup_finalmission.xml These various define the type of mission the player will receive in certain situations - the most useful being levelsetup_quickbattle as it defines the mission the player will get when they launch the game with the quick battle options, and this is really required for testing changes easily. Note that changes in these files will usually override the default values the game would otherwise generate - so you can force the squad makeup you will enter the final mission with by setting it up there. missionscore_gc.xml Tells the game how to assign the player a score at the end of various GC mission types missiontypeprops_gc.xml Sets which civilian AI units the game will populate into GC missions moraleconfig_gc.xml Variables to control how morale is handled during GC missions, controls for things like regeneration rate and how certain events affect morale psioniceffects_gc.xml Short file which defines a couple of variables that control the sound/appearance of psionic powers (also Zombification) psionicpowers_gc.xml Variables that control the AP cost and other stats of psionic power use soldierprops.xml Defines the items dropped when a human soldier is killed while wearing the various armour types sounds_gc.xml Defines the sounds that are used during Ground Combat, also includes the GC music tilerenderer.xml Defines some basic properties of tile rendering in GC, including wall transparency vehicles_gc.xml Sets the armour type and engine sound of each human vehicle type vehicleweapons_gc.xml Defines the stats of weapons for human vehicles, similar to weapons_gc weapons_gc.xml Defines the stats of all the weapons used by soldiers (either human or alien) initCharacters.xml Seems to define a squad of human soldiers, vehicles and alien opponents - no idea where it is used Please also be aware that you will need to be on the Compatibility branch (http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/12716-Xenonauts-Steam-Branches) to have access to all the unit sprites and terrain tiles for modding purposes! - Air Combat - aircraftweapons.xml (Excel) Defines stats for human and alien aircraft weapons in Air Combat gameconfig.xml Defines important Air Combat variables. aircrafts.xml (Excel) Defines stats for human and alien aircraft on the Geoscape - Geoscape - AM_AirSuperiority.xml AM_BaseAttack.xml AM_BombingRun.xml AM_Construction.xml AM_GroundAttack.xml AM_Research.xml AM_Scout.xml AM_SupplyRun.xml AM_Terror.xml (Excel) Variously define the different mission types UFOs can undertake, with various stats for each type ammos.xml Defines the properties of human ammunition types as they relate to the Geoscape (i.e. image, inventory size and weight) armours.xml Defines the properties of human armour types as they relate to the Geoscape (i.e. image, inventory size, weight and strength boost) buidlings.xml (Excel) Defines the appearence and basic stats of Xenonauts base buildings cities.xml Defines the stats of Geoscape cities config_level_editor.xml Defines the colours used in the Xenonauts map editor to identify different types of tiles (e.g. if a tile name contains a string listed here, such as "grass", it will be displayed with the colour defined for "grass") gameconfig.xml Defines most of the important gameplay aspects of the Geoscape, such as variables to control rate of time passage, initial player conditions, difficulty level multipliers and alien invasion AI settings. Also defines important Air Combat variables gsgcitemtranslator.xml Tells the game how the names of items in the Geoscape match up to the names of items in the Ground Combat items.xml (Excel) Defines the types of items that are recoverable after a mission, along with text to display when they are recovered manufactures.xml (Excel) Defines the items that can be produced using the base workshop, along with how much they cost and how long they take researches.xml (Excel) Defines all the research projects the player can undertake during the game, along with how long they take and what they unlock settings.xml Engine info, not relevant soldiernames.xml soldiernamesfemale.xml Defines the names and backgrounds of the soldiers in the game. sounds.xml Defines sounds to be used in the Geoscape, including background music strings.xml (Excel) This file contains the language specific strings that are displayed in various parts of the game, which would need to be changed for translations into different languages vehicles.xml (Excel) Defines the information displayed about various human vehicle types (some of this info is also used by the GC, i.e. AP values and health!) vehicleweapons.xml (Excel) Defines some information about the weapons for human vehicles, but I believe these are just for display and don't affect GC weapons.xml (Excel) Defines some information about the various weapons, but I believe these are just for show in the squad management screen and don't affect GC xenopedia.xml Contains the titles and descriptions of research projects and a few other entries, to be displayed in the Xenopedia. Would need to be changed for translations into different languages ufocontents/ (folder) This folder contains a number of Excel files that defines which aliens the different types of UFOs and alien bases will have in their associated GC mission.
  2. How do i extract them to folders or do i have to redownload the stand alone?
  3. Hi, when installing/unpacking V16 I noticed the huge amounts of files (> 80.000) being unpacked from the archive and I wondered what these files are. Then taking a look at the assets and subfolders I noticed each image (icons, aircraft in various build states, etc. ) are located in separate files! I have seen multiple examples in other games where files contain multiple images and are referenced via x/y offsets. I think performance could be tremendously improved if related images where stored in combined files for different kinds, like icons, aliens, equipment, etc. and separated for tactical and geoscape. I think loading times can be improved and memory and file handle management cleaned up. What do you think ? Regards, Michael
  4. I noticed on the news page of xeno-doo-daa's it says this; I'm a bit curious as to why I am still clocking 130k. Is this because I am using the standalone version?? Also in the build 17.52 update thread it says that both versions have been squished down to 3.somethingGb and I am still up to over 4Gb? Am I missing a vital bit of info that explains everything???
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