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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there This may not be something that has come up before, but I have just sent a charlie to a medium UFO that had an escort of 2 fighters. The UFO was landed, doing it's thing, but I would expect the two fighters to have shot down my charlie on it's way in. Maybe more of a suggestion than a bug.
  2. For the first months or so i manage to down lots of alien craft. After that whatever i do (regular missiles, pure gun kills) they get destroyed(and i need that alienium)/ Am i missing something?
  3. Hi everyone, First of all I'm loving the game and hugely enjoyed following the development through kickstarter, alpha up to now (ahh desura why make things complicated!) Anyway we're on steam now which is fantastic. To the meat of the post..... The fighters are hugely annoying, be it 1 fighter or a wing of 3. with trial and error I can take them all down with the right mixture of condors\falcons, usually without losing a plane. But tbh that's a lie....save scumming is the only way I've found to keep on going. If I lose: 1 plane=In trouble 2 planes=F*$£!D but maybe recoverable. 3 planes=Game over man, game over My proposal (and apologies if I should have put this in another thread): Some type of reward wouldn't hurt for taking down fighters (or even taking down scouts or whatever over the sea.) Pretty simple, but take them down and you get a message like the following "North America\Europe\Soviet Union\Judeans Peoples Front awards you 20k\30k\40k per UFO you've just shot down, and they have a more positive rating of you." So cash reward and then... +5k or whatever per monthly funding At the moment there's too many fighters and for me at least, it's ruining the game, either make the fighters worth taking down or get rid, and don't get me started on the heavy fighters and bombers! Thank you for reading.
  4. I never had crashlanded Fighter UFO - not in v17.6 nor in 17.9 No matter what I try (missiles, machineguns), they all were destroyed. Did I miss some branch of technology tree? Or it's normal and fighters just self-destruct to avoid capture?
  5. Having just taken down a Cruiser, with less than optimal aircraft I felt a moment of smugness. Only a moment, as on the way back to the base, my squadron had to go through 8 interceptions from a heavy fighter squadron. It would have been more, but my squadron ran out of fuel and were all shot down. There's no way to avoid these combats. The completion of one leads directly into the next. So, you can turn and fight, with no weapons and get destroyed. Or try and run, go through seven further battles, and get destroyed. The only way out, is to take out the squadron before going on your main mission. It's a little frustrating. To be honest, I'd rather have a screen come up and just tell me that the squadron were shot down on the way back to the base, than have to go through eight combats to achieve the same effect. I seem to recall this being an issue in an earlier build, but can't recall what, if anything, was done about it. There is a logic to the aliens taking on a returning squadron. Much in the same way they used to target lonely Chinooks and transport planes.
  6. I've tried playing the game in Normal but in Ironman mode and got an extended (not to say overwhelming) amount of enemy fighters in Air Superiority missions. And most of the times they came in squadrons of 3! I must admit I really enjoyed the air combat UI....and really appreciated the F-17 autocannon!!! But, since I got so many enemy fighters, I ended up loosing planes, money and nearly a C-17 cargo plane (which by the way is a great idea to actually see the transfer of materials and having to support it!), I think that there should be some reward to the fighter's crash. Maybe for example, downed fighters would randomly crash instead of being destroyed on air! So we can salvage same Allien Alloys, Allenium and/or alien guns for profit and not to mention experience for the troops if the alien pilot survived... [The fact is that I didn't make it to the end of second month yet, so I don't know if the reward of shooting of alien fighters is implemented in the funding of the Nations. Could anyone enlighten me on that matter?]
  7. I'm curious about the justification for fighters, and maybe want to start a discussion.. I think the game is at the stage where I am playing for fun, and shooting down 5 fighters for every one ground combat mission capable craft that have no chance of a ground combat mission or any non negative financial or casualty implications is not really fun. I just started getting to the point last night where I would just let the fighters escape to space and only attack light scouts and above. It's on easy and I feel like I'm constantly swarmed by fighters that I get no benefit from shooting down. I think going into air combat with one fighter which has the same outcome every time (ripple one wave of missiles, second wave as fighter evasive rolls, dead) really dilutes the fun of the air combat too. I am curious to know other people's thoughts on fighter craft. -TW
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