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Found 7 results

  1. So, first of I know this has came up, found some stuff on it, not a lot. I played Xenophobia with an old version some time ago, the Ai used crouching and cover there, and used to actually shoot at me. Unfortunately that setup bugged out for me. I tried a new version with MXC, it's pretty good, I have been at it for a while, my only concern is that the ai seems to be way stupider now. I have no idea if this was a change in the core game, in xce, or a miracle on Xenophobias part. I have recently tried reading up on the ai, and the possible settings for it, but no matter what I try, the principle remains the same, the only thing the ai is actually trying to do, is to stay out of my line of site, and rely on reaction shooting only, if I position my guys properly. (they only come out if I leave someone on the open for them to shoot at) Crouching is only used if they get suppressed. I saw some attempts at fixing this, but could not replicate them myself. Some post kept referring to TacticalDragon as the one who mastered the ai, unfortunately he did not write much about it. (I tried Hellgate briefly, but it also kind of bugged out for me, might give it a second try later with a new install) I'd appreciate any help on this. Would it be possible to change the ai for my current play-through, or there is actually no way to make it behave like it did in the good old days.. I played around with the MinimumAccuracy, Cover, and EnemyLoS settings among other things, but nothing conclusive came of it. I suppose for these to matter I might have to alter weapon, and character stats as well? Or just stop using crouch to balance the game out.. I really miss classic firefights with cover and buildings being shot to pieces.
  2. The current mechanics allow soldiers to fire over adjacent cover. However, if a piece of cover is 2 tiles long, the further tile will count as obstructing their field of fire and will soak up bullets. Given that there is a lot of cover in the game that is 2 tiles long and that it seems unrealistic that a barrel just about one meter away will obstruct a soldier's field of fire, could it be changed so that soldiers can shoot over not just the adjacent cover, but also cover that is 2 tiles away? This may also be a game engine/coding problem in which case there's probably little that can be done.
  3. Hello all, I've been playing v19 stable for a bit now and have been having a lot of fun but it's offset with a lot of frustration. One of my main tropes is with how using cover works currently in the game. In short, it doesn't, really. What i'm talking about: Position a soldier around a corner, using the cover it provides. Try to shoot around the corner and...you cant. You will need to move out of cover, leaving your soldier completely open to fire, try to survive the reaction fire, shoot back, try to survive more reaction fire, move back and turn around again - wasting valuable time units in doing so. Result: the perceived tactical advantage is not there, my expectation is not met and instead I have to adjust my intuitive, natural expectation of cover to the abstract interpretation in the game. Immersion broken, frustration gained. Note that the same is true for certain objects which you could perceivable shoot over or objects you would think you could shoot around - such as when you are crouching in front of a bench. The final pet-peeve is when these obstacles are actually other troops. You should be able to shoot over the guy crouching in front of you. Perhaps you should even be able to shoot around the guy right in front of you to some extent. Suggested solution: I'm unsure as to how the LOS / trajectory works, but, assuming you use a ray cast, a simple suggestion might be to have several origin points for this ray cast: one straight from the regular muzzle position ( as is now ) one from a position the muzzle would be when leaning around a corner - both to left and right if currently crouching - one from a position the muzzle would be when shooting over an object Choose the ray with the highest accuracy. note: the leaning-around-corner origin points would also require a crouched version to shoot around your cover object while crouching
  4. Okay one of the big problems for me at the moment is that you can position your Xenonaught on the corner of a building and he will not be able to fire around it. Corners cant really be used as cover as you cant fire at anything at less than a 45 degree angle assuming the soldier is facing towards north (0 degrees). Hopefully you understand what I mean, i was wondering if there is any chance of this changing or if it is, as i suspect, a limitation of the engine. In this regard it would really suck, it is actually restricting strategic movement and placement by its LOS calculations. I cant use the edge of a building as cover, since i cannot return fire without stepping out from the building and risking reaction fire. Could a "cheat LOS" be patched around this, mabye even (looks up the gods) a small animation of the soldier leaning around the corner to fire the shot (otherwise you might get a weird looking clipping issue).
  5. the "frequent questions" thread mentions that the cover system works based on the 8 tiles surrounding the tile where the target is. i would assume that cover that is within the line of fire but not directly adjacent to the target would also qualify, but what would happen if a shot that comes in at a diagonal angle crosses two pieces of cover? (if it's even possible) like so:
  6. It appears that the cover indicator comes up even if the cover is through the wall. see picture for an example
  7. I know that vaulting over cover is planned for the game, but I have been playing a wee bit of Gears of war 3, and one of the things you can do in that is vault over the cover, and if there is someone on the other side you knock them back, Then shoot them, hopefully... This could apply to Xenonauts as a valid tactic, as it would not the enemy out of cover, and force them to stand up. Granted it would be done cautiously as your man would be on the wrong side of the cover, but if you're having a hard time killing an entrenched enemy... Animation wise, well I don't know, perhaps you could just try running the 'get into cover' animation backwards? Maybe with a bit more staggering perhaps?
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