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Found 4 results

  1. I just downloaded version 17.6 exrerimental. I was playing a ground combat mission against an undamaged corvette. I'm not able to open the corvette door. There seems to be an unpassable row between the door and the soldiers (see the black tiles in the screenshot) It is not possible to move the soldiers right next to the door in order to open it. I fired a couple of rockets against the door and it exploded. It was still blocked, no way to get inside. Note: I had already started the mission on version 17.5. Then Steam updated the game. Before the update I was able to enter corvettes.
  2. It's the end of October. The first corvette has been destroyed. The interception mission said it had crashed at sea. There's a mission icon on the geoscape. I click on one of the icons to equip my soldiers. CTD
  3. Hi guys!New here.Just picked the game up yesterday and enjoying every little bit of it. But there is a problem that I've ran into...The corvette. As I've seen some of you guys talking about some alienium missle that can take down Ufo's the size of the corvette. Problem is I didn't get that far.I only have 3 F-17 and 1 Mig. I tried engaging with the Mig in the center and the 2 F-17 on the side but I get pulberized.And to make it more harder...the corvette has a escort of 2 fighters. So my F-17 are forced to deal with them while the bombs from the Mig aren't sufficient to even make the corvette fall back. Any tips please?
  4. I used two mig and two f-17 to throw down a corvette but without success, what do I need?
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