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Found 3 results

  1. Given the necessity for larger squadrons, I've started to run into the problem of mixed squadron numbers not matching up. I would prefer it if the planes on the side were 1/2/3 and it lined up with the numbers on the aircraft battlescape, rather than, in my current squadron, have it show up as Foxtrot-1 (1), Condor 1(2), Condor 2 (3). Might just be me being silly for looking at the numbers rather than the order, but I often see the (2) and click on the Condor-2. I'll get over it... but still. Anyone? Numbers in the parentheses are as they are on the map. Edit: or hell, color code them
  2. Since my initial post was really really long, I've condensed it into this spoiler box: If you'd rather not read all the details, here's the TL;DR version: -Add another kind of hardpoint to aircraft, Support Hardpoint, located on the underbelly of the aircraft. -Add Support Packages which can be equipped to Support Hardpoints and Heavy Hardpoints. --Enhanced Sensors Package (ESP): increases radar range and detection rate of aircraft, used for scouting UFOs and Alien Bases --External Fuel Tank (EFT): Adds extra fuel to the airplane, allowing for increased operation time, range, etc. -Penalty for using Support Packages on Heavy Hardpoints is you have less missiles or torpedoes to use in air combat. -Penalty for using Support Packages on underbelly Support Hardpoint is: slower aircraft speed in geoscape and dogfights, no using evasive roll or afterburners in dogfight. -Ability to eject underbelly package in dogfight to remove penalties in emergencies. -Small cost (in purchase initially, then in manufacturing) for External Fuel Tanks. -High cost in manufacturing for Enhanced Sensors Package. Anyway, comments?
  3. I already posted this in the sticky at the top of this forum thinking it was just a general suggestion thread, but another poster informed me that it was intended just for v8.2. Anyway, here's a quote of my thoughts on the early game aircraft meta. "I know this is more a beta/balancing type suggestion and that you guys are more concerned with just getting the game feature complete, but I'd like to see the stats of the 2 starting interceptors to be reversed. So the F-17 would have 160 hp, 2300 km/h top speed, etc., but keep the weapons loadout on the craft as they are now. As it stands, F-17s are almost useless against the early game ships, they aren't fast enough to catch them and even when they do, their firepower leaves a lot to be desired for such a slow craft. As if to make F-17s even more obsolete, the default Mig-32 loadout is almost unbeatable by the alien craft. The AI isn't able judge when to roll out of the way effectively due to the different missile speeds and all 4 missiles hit 9 times out of 10. If you reverse the stats, it would turn the F-17 into a fast, agile, but relatively weak interceptor perfectly suitable for hunting down and destroying alien scout ships solo and mediums when in a squadron. It would also turn the Mig-32 into a heavy engagement platform useful for taking on the alien's larger, more heavily armored combatants where its low speed would be less of a disadvantage when weighed against its heavy armament and good health pool." Additionally, the F-17s ability to make evasive rolls would fit in better with the plane that is less heavily armored rather than the more armored one as it is now. Thoughts?
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