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  1. Nice to see everyone continuing on the mod despite my absence. Great work and cheers!
  2. http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/mods/xenonauts/mod.html shhhh dont remind them this link is still live
  3. Give it an hour or so from this posting to get onto the servers....this should fix the crash for real this time. Thanks Paul Bob Page!
  4. Its unlikely that Xenophobia will work with the new XNT, I highly advise everyone to download 5.31 final (firebat) now and keep it around. I also have zero plans on supporting the new XNT or merging it's files....so there you have it.
  5. Changes Updated mod to X:CE 0.28. Revert back to 0.25HF if you have crashes or instablity. ALL previous patches included. Fixed X-25 boomerang from not being in hanger when manufactured. Should work now. Added missing strings for multi-ammo sniper rifles Fixed Advanced weapons tab crash with multi-ammo weapons v2. Mars MFG weapons now unlock after plasma weapons so that they have ammo available. Increased buildings list size on base-building view so you can now see all options. I am now officially taking an extended break away from Xenonauts and Xenonauts modding. Consider 1.5.0 the final version of this mod until further notice. That being said, feel free to post bugs/fixes here to support the community, but do not expect updates/support from me anytime soon. Thanks and have fun!
  6. Thanks for the reports. I'll add these to the list when I get around to the next update.
  7. Yeah, i seen this too. I need to find the time to go and tinker with the UI on that screen and lengthen the window. Right now, I've been taking a break from modding Xenonauts. With the drama recently, I'm pretty burnt out, so consider this my "AFK" message and v1.4.9 is gonna be the current version for a while.
  8. I have not received any confirmation that CE 0.27 is stable with the latest LOS changes. I was at the bleeding edge when 0.26 came out and as a result, it was very unstable and many people complained about crashes, so I reverted back to using 0.25HF. And if I am not mistaken, you can still use the 0.27 EXE with the mod. I have not tried this however, so use at your own risk, as always... Xenopedia entries takes alot of effort and work to make art and write entries. I am pretty burnt out with that as well as maintaining the weapon's stat description tool tips. Feel free to jump in and lend a hand to complete this work.... @Kabill - You are partially correct as you can run mods inside the Steam directory, the issue is when Steam is set to auto-update the game as well as when you run the game through the Steam-created shortcut because it will try and validate the game files. If you run the EXE directly from the Steam-installed directory it skips the validation check. But yes, by default all games are set to auto-update via Steam and if you do not disable this "feature", Steam will overwrite your files without warning. (happened to me several times on other games I play through Steam, even resetting my configs/keybinds sometimes...grrr).
  9. No, just dont use steam to launch the game. Steam will try to validate the files and when it fails to do so, it will re-download files to "fix" itself,. thereby messing up your modded installation.... Annnnnnd thats why you had problems in the first place
  10. Do not use Steam beyond installing the base game files. IF you do, Steam will think the files are invalid and attempts to "update" the files back to original. This also means do not use Steam to start the modded game, ever. If you want to use 0.27, its at your own risk as I have not tested it and it may or may not be stable. You should consider all CE exe's as "experimental", including the exe provided by Xenophobia. But if you do wish to try 0.27, just copy the EXE and overwrite the one provided. DO not copy any of it's XMLs else you will break the game.
  11. Follow these instructions. 1. Install Xenonauts v1.08 or v1.09 fresh. I suggest somewhere simple like C:/Games/Xenonauts 2. Download XNT 5.31 final (firebat) here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wx3cm3xvox9qbga 3. Extract XNT's files somewhere (I use 7zip program), I suggest extracting the folder to your desktop. 4. Then copy these XNT files to your /Xenonaut/ folder. When asked to overwrite files, press YES TO ALL. It will ask you to overwrite alot of files and you want to overwrite them all with XNT's files. 5. Now download Xenophobia v1.4.9 installer file. 6. Extract the ZIP file to your desktop, inside will be an EXE. (if you dont trust it, feel free to virus scan it first). 7. Run the EXE as administrator, press next until you it asks you to enter your /Xenonauts/ location where you installed the game in step #1. Type in the file path and the press Next and let it install. 8. Play using the new Xenonauts.exe in your /Xenonauts/ folder. Do not use any shortcuts created by STEAM. 9. Thats it really.
  12. Anyone can download the only version of this mod that is presently available and hosted (v1.4.9) and install (extract) the files I provide, you will see none of the XNT-specific assets are present in the package. While yes, I do have XNT-related data contained within the XML files for compatibility, that is all that is present and within the guidelines as a "compatibility patch". Furthermore some of this data has been modified to differ from the original source mod. This is why users must install XNT (standalone) first before using this compilation/compatibility "patch" as Xenophobia alone does not contain the asset files. This was the key issue with TD/XNT team and has been re-resolved. TLDR; I am not hosting any XNT files. And within the rules of "modding other people's mods" as written. The issue was v 1.4.8 which was a mistake on my end and has been corrected.
  13. You didnt install the mod correctly. Clearly your strings.xml isnt proper either, which is why it appears "ammo is under vehicles". Because of how I renamed and organized manufacturing categories. And no, I dont support an unlimited ammo version of the mod, so go make one yourself. There's another thread in the forum where I explained this to another user.
  14. I was keeping CE updated until the nightmare that was 0.26 (no offense). If I can get a confirmation that 0.27 with its LOS changes is stable, I'll be more than happy to update it. Right now, 0.25HF is stable and thats most important to players. v.1.4.9 has XNT content removed again, and sadly still requires XNT to be installed first. I've updated the installer with information in regards to this and v1.4.8 has been removed.
  15. Keep making calling it whatever you want... you and your team is credited, nothing is "stolen" and furthermore I have had permission to use the assets by you yourself 2 months ago...should I post that screenshot again?..... look man, I told you already I am still working on this. Fact of the matter, XNT has become horribly outdated and you guys even said yourself you're not supporting it anymore. That being said, I WANT that content out of my mod because I am tired of fixing your bugs. You keep repeating yourself over and over and I GET IT already. How about giving some respect and receive some in return? I honestly wanted to work together... whatever man.
  16. Let's all take a step back, shall we? I must still change out the artwork and swap the sounds used, probably change the names on stuff too, which I am still in the process of doing. "Numbers" arent even the heart of the issue at the moment as this data has already been altered. XNT team is being credited and always will be. Please, no more talk of this, thank you.
  17. I am in talks with TD and such trying to find a friendly solution. I have offered to create them an installer as well so that the mods can be used separately as well as work together.
  18. Its intended part of this mod. Destroyed aircraft are destroyed for good. Dont be reckless with your expensive toys
  19. Backing stuff up is never a bad thing. BTW - the "uninstaller" will remove the installed files from the mod. BUT it does NOT revert/repair the ones it overwrote. Meaning that if you use it, you will still need to manually copy back the old files.
  20. I noticed this too....its goofy, but I on my 1920x1080 monitor I have to run it in a window at 1600x900.... bleh
  21. Most of what you want is in items.xml, which controls the sell prices and availability of the items. If you open it with Excel, you will see the third column called "Type"...simply change what you want to be unlimited to "Unlimited" (or UnlimitedOnResearch) so things are set to unlimited after researching them, however dont do this with alien weapons/ammo or anything with "item." in the name or the game will crash. Those need to be set to "capped". Capped = When taken from battle, they are automatically sold for their value. Uncapped = When taken from battle, they are added to your storeroom inventory. (never use these types for aircraft, non-alien weapons or vehicles!) Aircraft weapons can be set also like solider weapons, but do not change anything that is "vehicle" or "Airplane". Just search down the list for "ammo." and set those to unlimited/unlimitedonresearch and you should be good to go.
  22. Yes, there is a way to fix it. In my mod Xenophobia, I increased the font size on some of the buttons and such. Changing the font size for the lists is more involved, but possible. Alot of it involves editing the LUA files located in /scripts/.....a real pain in the butt though. Of course when you change the font size, ALOT of ui elements have to be repositioned so things dont overlap...etc. It can quickly cascade into a nightmare of number tweaking hundreds of lines of code...
  23. Follow the instructions as stated, else you will encounter issues... You can tell the installer to install to any folder, BUT, it will simply extract the files there. It does NOT auto-detect your installation directory for Xenonauts, hence why you must point it to your game's directory for it to install properly. v1.4.8 is the FULL mod with everything needed. v1.4.9 will likely be just a small patcher to update a few files...
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