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    The Lore+ project

    Well after installing the version from the link you just gave me, the save loaded without any problems and the research for the Heavy Drone appeared perfectly, and I can continue the game now without a problem, Thanks a million.
  2. chrys1989

    The Lore+ project

    I have done the search and this is what i found in the Research.xml I started the game in v1.05, did a couple of missions and then i updated the game to 1.06 and added the Lore+ mod, then i continued to play the game with out any problems until i encountered the Heavy Drone in a mission, after the mission the Heavy Drone is automatically researched after a couple of days and when the research window pops up it is blank and it can only be closed with the ESC key, after which the game crashes, this is a bug from v1.05 but i had already updated the game long before i encountered the Heavy Drone so the bug should not occur according to the official forums. And the only thing that modifies the research is your mod, so I thought that maybe that it was the culprit, also I cant load the save without your mod, the game crashes, also with the new version of your mod the game also crashes when I try to load a save. So right now I cant continue my game, I can start a new one just fine, but honestly I'm kinda reluctant because if I do and the same bug occurs again thats another 4-5 days of waisted time. Thanks.
  3. chrys1989

    The Lore+ project

    Tried the new version you put up. It crashes the game when i try to load a save game.
  4. chrys1989

    The Lore+ project

    I have this bug http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/10785-v1-06-Heavy-drone-autopsy-crashes-game and apparently the update was supposed to have fixed it, buy it still occurs to me, so since its a research bug, and your mod modifies the research file I was wondering if maybe the reason the bug still occurs is because of your mod? Also I cant continue the game now because of the bug and cant remove the mod because the game will crash if I load the save.