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  1. Probably a good idea. I only found out about the new project when I went to fire up x1 again and saw the update.
  2. Hey all you old pre-alpha Xenonauts supporters!! Looks like Chris is back at it again - looking forward to seeing some familiar names! Hows it going Chris? (going to get down on that build when I get home tonight.:) )
  3. Love it!! Nicely done... If your in need of a new squad mate, feel free to use my name
  4. Hey Everyone! Thought I'd pop in for a minute to say hi. Been pretty busy on a few projects... but its nice to see some familiar names still active on the forums! I have been following along with the progress updates and Chris - awesome job!! Remembering all the "brilliant" ideas we had when the forums first opened up and seeing some of them make it into the game is an awesome feeling. Helping shape a game we all love... really rewarding. Looking forward to the next update! Keep up the great job! Cant wait to see the waves this game makes when it finally releases. Best, -Ghost
  5. Lol.. yea, id say the final number should be somewhere between 60 and 500k.
  6. Honestly, I think the 1000$ tier is a bit lacking. Same as 500$ tier but you get 5 MORE digital copies and credits moved to the beginning of the game. Im thinking instead of the 5 extra (for a total of 10), you get something really rare/ 5 digital copies and 2/3 boxed copies (1 signed) or something to that effect... That way you can edit the 5,000 tier to say that Chris will personally deliver the goods to you over lunch... Edit 2: Just had an awesome idea for an added bonus for the 5k tier: Assuming that later on in the game, xenonauts will have a custom uniform (as in made from researched materials, is ultra light and provides some protection (thinking along the lines of that grey/beige colored flight suit that soldiers in x-com started with))... you can have one commissioned to be made - which would probably run 2-300$ or so. This would not only be a one of a kind / collectible.. but can also be used as a publicity stunt if you take pictures so that you can make a story about it later and drive more sales.
  7. Grats on the successful funding!! Its pretty amazing that it hit in only a couple of days! Idle animations are a great little bit of polish - not necessarily having them reload their gun, but maybe taking the clip out, checking how many bullets are left and putting the clip back in. etc... I also agree that while the 100 & 200k stretch goals are good, there should be some levels in between to kind of keep the ball rolling and make people more interested in hitting them (if they aren't interested in the whole linux/mac + female characters). **Edit: Additionally, maybe you can provide a few screenshots, samples of the art book/other books to show it off and entice people to order at that tier **Edit2: Just reread the faq...guess the preview is in the works
  8. Holy AMAZEBALLS!! Its been just about 2 days and the kickstarter has just over 1200 backers & ~45k. Glad the community has come out in droves to help support (not that there was any doubt... x-com fans are legion).
  9. <== Unaware. well then, consider my post retracted.
  10. Late to the thread... but really important (not sure if covered before).. You should definitely have a 1$/5$ tier to have people contribute just to contribute (no real reward). Lots of people might just want to throw a few bucks your way without preordering (or have already preordered and want to contribute an extra dollar) or can't contribute at the 15$ level, etc... Just saying you could be leaving a few dollars on the table ... **edit1: sorry its been mentioned before (still relevant). Also, rewards i would be most interested in - def name in credits and a t-shirt. Sorry Chris, I'm sure your a nice guy and all, but if you were to come visit, id have to take you out, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment
  11. <p><p>LOL.. </p></p>

    <p><p>Im sure you will always remember that fight... and how you utterly decimated the opposing force ^.^</p></p>

  12. Hey all!! The new build looks awesome!! Love the crashed ufo, great touch. And the rest of the mechanics are really coming along! Havent been too active on the forums lately due to a lot of new projects / crunch times... but still check in every now and then Cant wait to see the final release! Keep up the good fight Chris...
  13. <p><p>the other night me and my freinds in the party all rolled 20s for attacks i have never in my life seen three 20s rolled in a row it was great</p></p>

  14. Oh they're in there... you just have to know how/were to look j/k I misread the op and thought they might be in this one. Still looking forward to the iterations...