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  1. Small feedback - End turn soldier reminder can be annoying at times when i want everyone to just wait (but is quite useful in general) - Menu in settings - "save & exit" button is confusing and the first thing that i understand is "save & exit the game" rather than just to close the settings menu - Cleaners Plasma weapon obliterated my xenonaut even when the biopsy says that they use conventional weapons - Log pile still offers 40%block after being apparently destroyed once
  2. Man now i wonder, how cool would it be if we had a Oilrig / Sea platform tileset / map, and island tilesets and maps, and maybe tankers, some sort of special missions
  3. Then prepare ur monitor for the next release's feedback
  4. Tested the V 0.21 and here is my impression of it. Overall i like it TehLike's: The 3d space is actually really well done, it gives the X1 feels a lot, with much added details Menu is really cool in 3D space Camera rotation is extremely good vs X1 (since X1 had no camera rotation duh ) Xenonauts logo in menu, i like the design, simple and effective Encounters: I've been able to throw a grenade across the map by aiming at the tile the alien was standing on I've been able to shoot at aliens with 0% hit chance by aiming at the tile they are on, the LOS was clear its only that they were far away Reloading triggers overwatch (I'm assuming its intentional) Crash when civilian entered helicopter Aliens were quite accurate even with obstacles like fences Shooting LOS line is kinda outdated as someone mentioned (those squares man) Using stun baton on alien made him disappear (hit the blue alien he disappeared so i had to shoot the tile he was on and he died and reappeared) Alien shot his own buddy that way in the LOS between him and my own soldier The don't like's: Aliens look extremely muscular and bulky, that design doesn't really look terrifying inducing, and they look to humanlike Those fences are hard to deal with, they give me the feeling like im shooting through walls rather than fences Dem general thoughts and suggestion's: High ground could give a slight accuracy bonus and cover bonus when climbing on roofs (because everyone knows that high ground gives +3 ) Maybe make the fence's behave a bit differently, currently they absorb too much shots, thats how i feel at least Grenades throwing could have added bonus if throwing over fences and walls (accuracy or ignore block of walls and fences etc.), since their range is limited (blue alien ate 2 grenades to the face and lived) Mainly speaking for the older country map, it felt mostly flat due to the terrain being BLOCKY, sharp cornering or no actual gradual elevation, it would be great if a similar elevation would be possible like Xcom terror from the deep, but only for those country maps, and not city maps Xcom 1, i remember that UFO CRASH TILES were a No/Go due to complications when discussed in the forums way back, since now we have 3D space would it be possible to implement that now, can CRASH tiles be implemented, maybe even have UFO's crash into houses, barns etc. ? I miss the Vehicle a lot actually, its an asset that we who defend the planet could really use (Would be interesting if the vehicle had to be manned by actual soldiers from your pool, since tanks cant climb ladders you'd have the crew exit vehicle and climb ladders and help other soldiers with medpacks and such if necessary ) For variety sake and cool factor, maybe think of a way to let the crew come in by APC (armored personal carrier) example LAV-25, maybe in terror missions where its extremely dangerous from alien weapon's fire (you come in by helicopter at the edge of City with APC attached to helicopter, crew exits helicopter and drives in the APC from edge of city to the terror location) Is it possible for the LOS fog to have a gradient ? its not a night map so i don't know If there is a set amount pool of recruits that are unique, would it be possible to have a MODE (like ironman mode) that randomizes your recruit pool, stats and everything ? When moving, it might be helpful to have a transparent overlay around your soldier that displays where you can move if you're standing to weird terrain or props on the map, something akin to the "grenade explosion tile overlay"
  5. Dragosh

    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    I like the aesthetics of the game, brings me closer to the original x-com. Except the aliens which were too modern to be scary.
  6. Dragosh

    Xenonauts 2 Easter Update

    Nice update, Hopefully, the aliens will be way more visually terrifying and creepy than in X1. I have to say that in the Original XCOM it was really creepy and terrifying to play at night, even against the basic aliens. Where the silhouette was barely visible and you only saw a shadow and then suddenly one of your guys was dead.
  7. Dragosh

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    Bugs should go here bro http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/forumdisplay.php/12-Xenonauts-Bug-Reports
  8. Dragosh

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    Well Yugoslavia in the 60's was a big force and had a good budget, was funded by both USSR and US (Tito had tricks up his sleeves). If the CIA didn't destroy it we would have a space program up till now, but anyway don't know where it should belong, would make sense to belong to EU and not USSR. So looking at it historically and combine that with EU invasion YU would most likely be funded by EU due to YU being a powerful force in the southern continent of Europe, so YU + Money = WIN
  9. Dragosh

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    Why does Yugoslavia belong to USSR ? That's very odd and weird
  10. But it is more then worth the wait
  11. My first few terror missions were at night(game hates me obviously) and those Caesians with Plasma Cannons turn all my soldiers to paste, the reaction fire from those cannons is just ridiculous, my guy with a assault rifle is incapable of reaction firing but the caestian with a uber cannon that has a 90% hit chance from the other side of the map can reaction fire like it was nothing. I lost so much nerves trying to play a terror mission Update 1: Well its hilarious how the Hunter can hit the knee high cover while standing right next to it, i mean the vehicle is tall at least 1.6 so how can it idiotically hit something at headlight level is beyond me And soldiers killing themselves with grenades because cover that they stay behind decided to play tennis is hilarious but not fun
  12. Dragosh

    V18 first impression

    Well my impression so far is the alien turn never ends, which is a bad thing, so i hope actual v18 shall be more my turn and less aline freeze turn