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  1. Runibl

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    That's cool, wasn't planning to. Brilliant mod btw
  2. Runibl

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    I have experimenting with changing the Femonauts uniform to use normal shoulders, while still leaving the rest as is. I have it at the same location, if anyone want to try it out. It might fix the thin neck thing, but I haven't tested it extensively. I have only tested it with my edited faces. I think I prefer the original femonauts uniform personally. My edit seems a bit disproportionate or something. Well it's there if someone prefers it.
  3. Runibl

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    I find it's more like the uniform, is narrower in the shoulder area. I edited all the female portraits to fit the femonaut mod, and it seems to work. So if Jsleezy doesn't mind, you can get my edited female portaits here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/arge91f5vge9fg7/AAA4isDxL5PU904BEWfQDSU_a Filename: EditedFemaleFaces.7z overwrite the portraits in "\Xenonauts\assets\soldierimagesfemale\armour.basic\" folder and use the femonaut uniform. ---------------------------------- Also edited the Femonaut uniform to use normal shoulders. Not tested extensively (only with the edited faces that I also did.) Filename: FemonautsEdited.7z