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  1. I'm encountering this problem on two different machines, one a laptop and one a desktop. I have tried verifying files, but that doesn't seem to help. The only modification I've made is to alter the TU cost and accuracy for the xenonauts. It probably makes the game too easy, but I found the default settings for notionally elite soldiers just absurd, especially the relationship between snap shots and running distance... In any case, I've done this before (with the same GC file; I keep a copy around) and I don't encounter this issue at all. Any help? Any ideas?
  2. noirhero

    Jsleezy's Real Fighter Portrait Pack

    Now that xeno-mods is down, where could I find this?
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    Xenonauts configuration files

    So I made mods to gameconfig.xml : I reduced the cost of a new base, increased the size of quarters and changed the aircraft turnaround time to something I think faintly sensible -- I moved refueling time to .75 and dropped rearm time to 45 min. Now, when I hit engage in Air Combat the game refuses to unpause no matter how much I hit the space bar. Which clearly works otherwise... (There were some other changes as well: I changed the weapons and vehicle weapons files a bit: I dropped the burst fire TU values, as well as the LMG-types so as to stop breaking my suspension of disbelief and likewise increased the accuracy a smidge: I know for sure that it takes better shooting that that to simply get through basic; I can't help but feel that professional SF types --who have to complete a far more demanding practical shooting course -- should be even better shots than I had to be to fly helicopters. Additionally, I reduced some costs for researchers, soldiers and and engineers and upped the engineers per workshop values. I don't think those would cause this problem, but what do I know?)