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    Tough Love

    While it's natural for the Soviet Union to be still intact, given the circumstances, the continuation of the Cold War doesn't make much sense for the exact same reason.
  2. I only recently heard about Xenonauts 2, when I saw demo gameplay in action on YouTube. After that I did some research and decided to give my honest thoughts on why I didn't like Xenonauts 1 all that much and why I am looking forward to Xenonauts 2. I bought Xenonauts 1 and it didn't quite "click" for me. The game itself wasn't bad, especially mechanically-wise and I really liked the strategical and finiancial aspects of it, so why I didn't like it? 1) No "passive" animations during tactical missions - It may look like a shallow reason for some to be thrown off by, but as YouTuber "Yeti" said: this made the game feel dead, and was a big reason for me, personally, why I had issues playing tactical missions. In Xenonauts 2 shadows do move and alive units seem to actually breathe, which is very important for making it look alive. 2) 2D made it problematic to navigate at times - Sometimes it was hard to move or see because isometric map didn't allow to rotate the map. Also, it was a pain to look through various "height levels". 3D solves this the problem of not being able to turn the map around, and there seem to be some other improvements already (such as your soldiers "glowing" green, which allows you to clearly see their position, even when they are obstructed). 3) Clunky field of view UI-wise - Xenonauts did a good job at showing you what you actually see (and making greyed out areas a possible danger zones). However, it didn't tell clearly enough who could see what in the UI itself. I am bringing this up, because it's very important when it comes to making choices when distributing "Areas of Responsibility". It'd be nice to highlight individual soldiers' field of view (like, in blue) by selecting a soldier. I am going to watch how Xenonauts 2 continues to develop, because it seems to be displaying a commendable approach when addressing its mechanics and bringing in refreshing changes, so I do wish it luck.
  3. Holy.Death

    Ufo Interiors

    It worked and look wonderful in the ground combat with overall resolution being only a bit lower than before so that's not a problem at all. Thank you very much.
  4. Holy.Death

    Ufo Interiors

    This screen looks great. Is there in-game option to zoom in game like that without having to change the resolution of a game as a whole?
  5. I won a ground combat mission, securing the Corvette that landed (I sent my dropship along with my interceptors for extra safety). I go through score and research screens, but when I want to go back to geoscope the game crashes. Here is the error:
  6. Jackal armor also disappears while throwing grenades.
  7. Holy.Death

    Xenonaut rookie thoughts...

    That's what I meant. Sorry for confusion. Another thing I have to ask: can I roll one of my bases to cut the costs - I placed it in not so good position - or do I have to wait for aliens to do it after I abandon it completely?
  8. You can make them die or drop on the ground heavily wounded - it looks pretty much the same way in Xenonanauts - as unit starts taking damage. Dead/Gravely wounded can then be used as "dropped items" on the ground and visuals will be reduced by number of soldiers lost. On "standing" mode you can make guys in front kneel by default to make room for guys behind them, kind of 17th-century line infantry (should have no effect on aim for everyone though). On "kneeling" mode they can stand side-by-side to stimulate effect of taking better firing position or being behind an object. Each soldier would have to use the same firing mode but it'd fit into their stances.
  9. ...and you'd control each unit like a single soldier? That's a very interesting concept, both in terms of scale and visual design.
  10. I used Open Broadcast Software. Everything was fine until I started watching what I've recorded. For some reason there was clipping that wasn't present in game (for example screen showing arrival on the crashsite was clipping with in-game image). It's a bit messy, making my video not so fun to watch. Any way to solve this?
  11. Holy.Death

    Xenonaut rookie thoughts...

    I think I'll keep it, if that helps you. Since I know it works it won't be as much of a problem. Another thing I'd like to suggest is to have some kind of a list telling you what has been delivered to a base. I hired additional scientists and soldiers, but I had no idea where they are. After some time I read message that something has been delivered. I guessed it then that it's a way of telling me that my new personnel is here, but info is very vague and requires of you to memorize what exactly you were ordering.
  12. Holy.Death

    Xenonaut rookie thoughts...

    My thought is that there should be some kind of a placeholder for "loading screen" once you are done with a mission. When I finished my first one I thought the game just crashed while in reality it was loading up the result screen. By the way, is there a list of what we can expect in future for the game to not be considered "a beta"? I am asking because game was out for quite some time now and it's certainly more polished than at start. I am using shields so they can draw and take some fire while their teammates take up better positions. They're also good for entering shot down UFOs too.
  13. I played my first Ground Combat mission. It went pretty horrible - everything went wrong - and I lost. When I was waiting for the AI to "finish its turn" it went on and on. I was stuck at "Enemy Turn" screen. I thought that maybe I encountered a bug, because nobody was supposed to fail on their first mission. So I started a new game. It went a lot better - I managed to kill all the aliens with some acceptable losses - but it crashed (or frozed, only thing that I was able to move was my mouse, and black it was... might be a clue, might be not). Again at the same point: after all units of a one of two parties has been killed. I have no idea what's going on, but I suspect a bug. It's a shame, because I kind of liked this game. EDIT: It looks like it was just a weird loading screen, because when I loaded game - playing on Ironman Mode - after some waiting it showed me final scores and I was able to continue.