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  1. Picked up X-2 on release, started a couple of playthroughs and made some notes along the way. I'm not particularly far yet... maybe 40 days, but I've replayed the first 40 days a couple of times so far. I'll just regurgitate my notes/thoughts in no particular order, as I'm keen to help with feedback and make X2 as good as it can be A little context beforehand: I've played a lot of the original xcom (actually it was TFTD, but it's basically the same game with spookier maps ), and I played a lot of X1. I love X1, I thought it was an amazing tribute to original XCOM, so awesome work on that front. Okay, about Xenonauts 2... Tooltips on the cleaner network popup don't work. After the first "data snatch" mission, you get a tooltip titled CLEANER NETWORK, but none of the highlighted words would create the expected tooltips Renaming soldiers could/should be smoother When renaming, you click the pencil icon, and then you have to click the same icon again on the popup. This is kind of annoying, because I already showed my intention to rename the soldier. I think if the soldier name was pre highlighted, it would make this much smoother. I rename all my soldiers after friends/family, and this is an annoying user experience peeve I'm not sure how cash-from-missions works. Am I supposed to get money like in X1? I'm not seeing evidence of this if so, and if I am supposed to be receiving money then it should be made clear on the after-mission screen. I can see that I can sell stuff (eg alien corpses) from my stores, so perhaps this is the replacement. However I also notice that if you sell a bunch, the value goes down. I'm not sure as I'm only 40days in, but I suspect this is going to feel sad as the game progresses I'm not sure I'm getting the promised $25,000 for each extra data disk I grab from the Cleaner data-snatch mission. The mission objectives state for any extra I get over 10, I will get additional progress in the Cleaner network, and $25,000. I don't think this is happening, and if it is we should at least see the amount of cash gained in the post-mission screen (for my sanity on second-guessing my initial bank balance, if nothing else) I did have a note about automagically heading to the squad positions in the dropship after sorting the loadout, but I can see this was discussed elsewhere (and realising I could adjust the squad positions mid-flight removed the main problem for me). It might be nice to have an option to head to the dropship loadout after the squad loadout, but I understand the point about developer time/priorities. Crouching no longer gives accuracy bonus. I liked that in X1. Its a little effect to differentiate between slow-and-cautious vs charge in and shotgun-in-the-face Some autopsies reveal information that I feel it shouldn't. For example, the small sectoid guys have psionic triangulation... but how can you figure that out from an autopsy?? The same with the mesmerise. We could get reports on hearsay from the troops about being dazed/confused, noticing more accurate enemies when bunched up etc, but to get the definitive "this is what is going on" seems a bit out of place to me. The same for Sebillian regeneration & vision (how can you confirm this on an autopsy?) During enemy turn, camera doesn't jump to the same level as the alien taking a turn. Sometimes this means I'm just looking at the top of a ship/building instead of what is going on Soldiers receiving multiple medals on one mission are not getting the +1 in all stats per medal. I would expect 3 medals == +3 in everything, plus any increment from skill development. I think this is a bug, because if not then it's actually detrimental for my guys to get multiple medals in a mission, and I would prefer they spread the medals out to get the maximum stat increase Mentarch autopsy references alien plasma rifle before I've encountered the plasma rifle. Feels jarring in terms of discovery. Research for laser & magnetic weapons seems insanely fast. I've seen a couple of posts relating to this, but wanted to throw my voice in too. It feels crazy (and honestly, kind of cheap) that I can research an alien magnetic pistol, and then 8 days later be able to create autocannons for my aircraft?? I really feel the progression of X1 & the originals has been lost, and that's a bad thing. We lose out on the satisfaction and the desperation of 'OK, I've research this alien pistol and alien rifle... I just faced off against some kind of alien cannon. If I can just hold off for X more days and get that researched, then I'll crack the secret of plasma technology and then we'll see who's laughing, Aliens!' Researched accelerated weaponry doesn't appear in the xenopedia entries, and in general I really liked having all the weapons (and their stats) present there. I think having a single location where I can directly compare stats of the different weapons is missing. Right now I either have to keep switching between loadout and engineering, or build 1 of each weapon. OK, that's me for now! Sorry about the wall of text. I expect I'll add some more notes when I'm a bit further into the game. Cheers!
  2. Having a multiplayer aliens vs xcom option (separate from the campaign) would be interesting and breathe a lot of new life into the game. Aside from that, I don't really see playing the aliens as a campaign working out: lets be honest, the only reason it's possible to win as Xenonauts is because human player > AI. It would be really interesting to see a MP though, I suspect people would figure out the "best" tactics pretty early on. Balancing the alien tech for MP would be very different than balancing for the AI-controlled aliens. Imagine if you could control Reapers: who wouldn't just lurk in narrow corridors waiting for some Xenonauts to come by?
  3. I like idea 2. Did the refueling/re-arming take place in parallel in Xenonauts? I can't remember, I might be thinking of the original XCOM games...
  4. This looks awesome man! I can't find a link for the download, I assume it's not released yet as it's just a small teaser? Just discovering the joys of modding my Xenonauts
  5. This is going to sound really silly, but I can't find my saved-files to upload....? I downloaded through steam and after a bit of searching around it seems Steam occasionally saves game-files to strange locations. Anyone know where the Xenonauts game is saved? I Found the game directory, but no files that look like they might be save-games. This infinite movement loop really put a hamper on my Ironman game.... >_< -- edit: Nevermind, the self-apply fix worked like a charm! Thanks to BeronBlackclaw! You are awesome!
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