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  1. My two cents: DNA = Deoxyribonucleic acid The definition of the nucleotids that form the two RNA strings are organic molecules composed of a nitrogenous base, a pentose sugar and a phosphate. So an alien lifeform should have a different setup of "DNA". Maybe not a double-helix and possible not made from same nucleotides. Otherwise they should resemble some organic life on earth. And because they do not, DNA is not expected. Yeah you could say "then DNA has other nucleotids" but still is a DNA, but the D is the sugar-type, why should they have that.
  2. I encountered Wraiths the first time, and read in the autopsy about their "shield" that maks them harder to hit. OK, that explains some of the missed shots - even point blank (not really...). But shotgun blasts point blank missing all bullets is realy strange. I mean, there is a fuzzy strange looking area in front of the soldier, he points the shotgun and pulls the trigger. How missing that? But maybe just RNG sillyness, which happens sometimes? Don't think so. I had experimented with that and pulled all my soldiers inside the entry room. Opend the second door, threw a flash bang and then tried - multiple reloads - to get the Mentarch behind the two shielded Wraiths. In most trials they all miss the Mentarch from only 5-6 tiles away. Unfortunately I lost my image of moving all soldiers inside and shooting at the Mentarch, so I had to sketch it, see below. All missed. I tried three times. Does the Mentarch receives miss bonus when next/near to Wraiths? Only funny thing was, when the Mentarch shoots as reaction or in the next round, it is always the soldier opening the door that dies, regardless where he goes to. After 7-8 reloads I could kill all aliens with a lot of wounded soldiers. However, I have experienced this lack of missing shots with nearly all fights inside UFO. And it is very, very frustrating.
  3. Discovered aliens (wraiths) seem to be partly not shown when fog of war ist next to them. This happend also with other wraiths an this map. I have seen a similar post before, but couldn't find that.
  4. Shoot option of MARS clicked to save TUs. Everythings works: Icon turns orange, TU bar has orange part, path has orange part and MARS stops at end of green path. After the third round of moving around the icon loses its orange, everything else is still OK. Not really problematic but thought you need to know.
  5. Now with the EA release my friends in Steam see me playing. /solved
  6. During my Cleaner Cell mission. Soldier got hit in one round, got wounded and instantly lost all remaining TU. Next round she did not regain TUs and could not heal herself. Also not in the next turn, she just stands there. Reloaded it a couple of times and one time she ran away at the beginning of the next turn. It seems she panicked without running? I added two save games as I don't know which was it. auto_groundcombat_turn_4_end-143.json auto_groundcombat_turn_4_end-145.json Additionally, I have now seen that after reloads the keyboard does not work properly. WASD works, but not QE and not Page up/down. ESC doesn't work as well. The Buttons on the screen allow rotating in 90° although I set it to free rotation. ALT-Tabbing out of the game and back sometimes resolves this. Not always, a reload might do then. And yes I reload to test different approaches and tactics, also due to some occasional grenade fail. Apropos grenades: Standing outside a building in front of an open door, it never succeeds throwing a grenade into the house, although chance ist >90%. Grenade always falls at soldiers feet. Maybe I am... unlucky...
  7. Win -> Kill VIP or Stun VIP Lose -> Not killed VIP So we can stun the VIP, but to not lose we have to kill him afterwards. *Check* Sarcasm off: Loss condition should be: Xenonauts evacuate without having stunned or killed VIP.
  8. Not a game bug, but something in Steam seems not be correct. When I am playing Xenonauts 2 my friends don't see me "in game"/green" only "online/blue". With other games there is not such a problem. I have checked my privacy settings and all is fine. Steam client is up to date. It is not a huge issue for me, just want to let you know.
  9. Me too. I play on 1.14, combat mission of a crashed small UFO in Europe. Captured a Mentarch. After returning to base and see the new research items, didn't change anything though and went back to Geoscape. As soon as the Cleaner Network progress reaches 50% and the two cleaner sites appear the game CTDs. Quick-Save to try it out enclosed. quick-11.json
  10. Hmm, if this is intended I may remember it differently from earlier builds. I thought you gain more time when you open tubes, i.e. timer gets reset a bit. For me, this mission text hinted that:
  11. Ok, maybe I did not explain it correctly. I have changed the equipment of a role and saved it via the save icon below the role. All soldiers in the Skyhawk were equipped correctly. Then the Skyhawk was send away. My remaining (wounded) soldiers did not have the new role gear. For instance, the soldier did not have an armor yet. So I wanted to click the left icon, but it did not work I could move or remove any item once - into or ouit of soldier inventory - and the buttons become grey. So you can't re-equip the gear role.
  12. Sounds like a déja vu: Wasn't that an idea as a mod for X1 and later for the earlier game versions of X2.
  13. Abduction mission. Start screen says this: Additionally here: Sometimes when reloading, yes I tried it several times, the chatter of the character runs in the backround behind the briefiing window. auto_strategy_before_combat-16.json I have opened at least 5 tubes. Still one alien left and two tubes as far as I can see. Timer for last turn continues. Save enclosed to verify that. auto_groundcombat_turn_7_start-99.json And by the way: Sometimes when reloading this mission the rotate buttons (q and e) do not work. I have set it to free rotate and this was still that way. Rotate buttons on screen worked with 45° steps then. WASD still worked.
  14. No need for apologies Chris, I rarely can play or come here within the week so no worries. I found a quick-save and could reproduce it. Although I now have seen that my remaining soldiers are all wounded and maybe this is the issue. To reproduce it: Load the save See the my skyhawk somewhere in Alaska going to a mission. Go to base, Armory screen Choose the tab for remaining soldiers Choose anyone Change equipment manually (drag in or out) or click on the icon to equip role gear or change role: You can do one click a single time then the buttons turn grey (equip role gear/change role). It seems to remove some items too. quick-3.json
  15. Started a new game. My Skyhawk was away and I tried to change the roles and equipment of the remaining soldiers. The save role equipment and the load role equiment button are greyed out and are not working. I guess this should be that way with soldiers away from the base, but it doesn't make sense for the remianing units. Questions (not bugs, I hope): Is it not possible to take two MARS on a mission? Many soldiers were wounded, and I did not want them to take them. And as I had two MARS this was an option, I thought. I don't know if real, but I have the impression that movement speed (or animation) runs a tiny bit faster now. Am I right? If so, it's good. And one tiny Steam achievment bug I remembered today on my unavoidable Cleaner mission, as the same occasion came up (but no new achievment for sure). On June 17th I got the achievement to stun an alien with a stun batton, as one cleaner walked into my smoke grenade and passed out. I did not have stun battons then. Don't know if that is fixed already.
  16. As title. Just started game, went there, saw it, came here to post. Picture of it.
  17. Strategy saves are 0.5 hours earlier before my first Logs uploaded here, that is with 1.04 before the new installation. Just tried that and the cleaner mission doesn`t appear now. I uploaded that anyway. X2, before first zip (1.04).zip
  18. How much farther before? I loaded the save game that was before battle. It started at the Geoscape where you click to start tactical battle. Did the whole mission again. Game crashed when back to Geoscape and before the recap screen comes. X2_now 1.05_2.zip
  19. Did a clean install: - deinstalling in Steam - manually deleting the Xenonauts2 file under steamapps/common - and deleting the whole file under user/documents/my games/xenonauts2 - downloaded new version 1.05, save games reappear automatically (steamcloud, I guess) After starting the game, note of 1.05 in the corner, and continueing my game at the ground combat. Mission ends. Geoscape. Crash. Tried it two times. Quick-saved the second time before ending the mission. Log and save enclosed. X2_now 1.05.zip
  20. After a longer pause, strated X2 again. Played a couple of missions before 1.04 came out (V27.8 or so) which was quite stable. Now new campaign, and a lot of problems: Loading lags (many many loading lags), Time-Buttons on Geoscape don't work and game has to be reloaded, Soldier equipment cannot be changed (need reload) and other. Now, first Cleaner mission, bringing all soldiers back to the Osprey. Game goes back to Geoscape and then crashes before the soldier recap screen comes. Log & Save to recreate it 100% enclosed. X2.zip
  21. Had my first Cleaner Infiltration mission in the dessert. Failed my first Cleaner Infiltration mission. Damn if there would be some kind of briefing before to get a glimpse of what you will face there, one could prepare. Landing inside a base of 20+ enemies without barely any cover, I would just bring Snipers, Heavys and Grenadiers...if only I could know... But back to topic: After that "mission" went through even if failed to learn from it, the game returned to geoscape. Then the end screen came showing me that three soldiers survived badly wounded. Accepting that and back on geoscape. Want to speed time with buttons 1 - 4, none work. Clicking the icon does work but game is quite laggy and the Icon is not moving smoothly. Two output logs and two saves as I don`t know which one it is: output logs & saves.zip Tiny graphic error here too: Damaged sandbags are purple beneath after shot by my sniper.
  22. Maybe the aliens force them to do this, could be a Psy-Power called... ... "Remote-Stockholm" ... "Come to us Sheeps, we got free food." ... "Now you are cats: Psss psss psss psss" ... "JOIN US!" ... "Get away from da Choppa..."
  23. Yeah, we had that in Xeno1 also, which started the crazy "Buddhist Civillian Thread"... Crash Site, desert. All enemies dead but the two remaining ones in the UFO. Civie runs directly to the UFO opens the dorr and gets killed...Why?
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