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  1. I just completed another round of the "other" XCOM (XCOM EW)....rushed it so I can finally start on Xenonauts properly! I've played a few hours in to this game a number of times over the last couple of years but have been waiting for the release to get fully enveloped in it! I am starting now and am very excited to see how far it's progressed (and to get to the end). I happen to like the Firaxis version, Love the original XCOM and expect to love this game as well. Wish me luck! Edit....fun...first ground mission...rushed it and got everyone killed.... now to get serious.. I love this game!!!
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    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    Nice to see Xenonauts back in the Steam top 100 sellers !!
  3. Russonc

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    Just want to pop in and add my congratulations to reaching such a exciting milestone! Thanks to GH for a fun ride over the past couple years (I heard about this game years before that, but have just been a regular follower for the last couple of years.) Also much thanks to the regulars in this forum for entertaining me and helping with testing!! I have stopped playing this about a year ago so that it would be fresh once done....I will begin my first complete game this week and have been looking forward to this since XCOM TFTD!
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    Release Date & Work Tracker

    Feels like the baby is almost ready to be born... I've stopped playing a while ago in anticipation of the big release and am soooo excited to see date or two (ok, I ignored the Christmas of 2013 date ... hehe). I can't wait to see what you have next in the pipeline!
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    Always online?

    @Milkflavour...I am a old school PC gamer as well and I have learned to like Steam (but it wouldn't be as good if I didn't have a good Internet connection). I highly second the suggestion you look at GOG.com for there selection of DRM free, old school games....I'm sure you'll find some old favorites in the bunch.
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    Desura and Me

    I generally like Desura now (took some time), but not for this game.... finally uninstalled Desura copy and even that took nearly an hour... I'll just stick with Steam version for now...
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    Post-Steam Development Process

    Thanks for the update. I must say I am really happy for everyone at Goldhawk Interactive (Esp. Chris) that this project is doing so well and nearing completion (so to speak). This project has really been well done and can be a great example to other Indie companies (or AAA companies for that matter) on how to do a project right. You have done a fantastic job of keeping the community/supporters updated and involved. Thanks again and I look forward to playing this game for years to come, just as I do the original it was based on.
  8. @Freelandr Not usually, I have issues with this game through the Desura update... But I am happy to say that 4th try was the charm (it gets closer each time I try it...) ... Thanks for asking (and I didn't have an issue in the past with the standalone version either...just thought I'd slog through the update to see what happened...) all good now..
  9. 4545.86 Mib ...died again....try 3 (it will work sooner or later...hehe)..
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    Steam Early Access

    All we need is that warm, fuzzy feeling inside...
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    Desura and game play?

    Possibly an alien mind control plot.. ;}
  13. It was on several 3.5" floppies but I imagine the entire game used less space than most "intro" screens of modern games. I really do enjoy both new and old.... I played the old version when it first came out after playing the very poor demo version from some old magazine...I also played the new one the week it came out (I have a job and couldn't stay up for a mid-night play session). Are they the same game, no.....Did I enjoy them both, yes. Will I like Xenonauts as well as both/either....I already do! (ok, it's not a great game yet, but I still have gotten my money's worth - thanks Chris) - When the original came out, it was one of a few games that really gave you "bang for your buck". Most games were still very arcade-y at that point and gave you a few hours of short play times.... X-com gave you hours and hours for your money (Civ 1 was the one game that started that trend for me). When I figure out the $ per hour for the original, it is pennies. The new one is still dollars per hour for me, but I have gotten 40+ hours of fun out of it and that is cheaper than a movie.... Ok, sorry rambling now.... Have a good night!
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    Other Promising Crowd Funded Projects

    THIS IS A DANGEROUS THREAD....omg, I really appreciate all the heads up, but my bank account doesn't. I will be spending the evening visiting the games/sites you all have mentioned (while I wait for the xenonauts beta of course! > Edit....ok, I as I peruse the kickstarter sight I notice how old this thread is (with a couple of new posts)...glad some of the intial listed games made goal however....Keep up the reviews!
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    Xenonauts has turned me into an Indie junkie...

    OMG why did you mention kickstarter......I may run out of money....this is so fun!!! I just hope some of these games (ok especially Xenonauts) complete at some point....I really feel I get my money's worth regardless! I just LOVE the process! Makes me feel like I am involved! (Mojam at Humble Bundle going on now is a good example). I really enjoy the indie groups that respond to there peeps (old school term meaning people/fans/friends/etc). This is so fun.
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    Xenonauts has turned me into an Indie junkie...

    New Mojam Bundle up at Humble Bundle....Need more cash! Kickstarter is fun as well!!
  17. Thanks! I did finally get the latest version loaded and did a quick test and it seems I can play again!
  18. I can certainly see a few play throughs to try different strategies...the main issue I would have is the scripted parts would get old rather quickly (but you can skip them). The original XCOM had an advantage of being totally "new" the first play through with the excitement of not knowing what would be next or what your current research would lead to...After the first couple of play throughs, it was all about powering through to the end result (and knowing how to get there efficiently). I have played about 40 hrs of XCOM:EU and imagine I will be playing at least 40 more before i take a break (especially if I can't get Xenonauts to load properly..lol)
  19. Since finishing my first play through of XCOM:EU, I have been trying for several days to play Xenonauts...made the mistake of trying to update my version...that failed mid-stream and now I can't seem to play, "verify files" or complete a download of the new version. Currently deleting the version I had and seeing if a fresh start will help... need my fix.... Update 1 - seems to be loading and much quicker than before (only says it will take 1 hr and 34 mins instead of the "over 12 hours" message I got before)...fingers crossed. Update 2 - Fresh start and download appears to have worked...yeah! Now if I skip work this morning I could get some play time in...
  20. Finally finished my first play through (well actually my 3rd as I started over a couple times). For me it was fun... (call me simple minded, but that's what it's all about for me). I can see playing through a few times for different strategies...certainly some differences from the original XCOM, but...it was fun...I didn't hit any earth-shattering bugs myself, I enjoyed the "glam cam" and story moments (although I would likely skip most the next time through....I found the sniper a bit over powering but ... boy it was fun to shoot those sectoids through the head from across the map and watch then fall like a rag doll. I've said this before, the original (likely due to the limitations of graphics and program size at the time it was made) left more to your imagination than XCOM:EU and that increased playability over the years for me (the story grew in my head). True of most new games... but that's okay, i don't have as much time to commit to playing as I once did either (darn kids!) ...
  21. I've put in about 30 hours into XCOM:EU and have enjoyed it for the most part... the story is a little too much "in your face" but that is a tendency for modern games that have better graphics, voiceovers, cinematic effects, etc w/multi-GB files... The original Xcom came out on a few floppy disks (young folks can look those up on the Internet lol), heck the original would have used less memory than the opening of the new game... I am okay with it being a "different" game as I already have the original that I can still play on Dosbox when I want (and now Xenonauts of course). It's funny how the same complaints were raised about Xcom TFTD and Apocalypse when they came out....(why did they change this or change that) If the games were all exactly the same, who would play them!? I don't play the kind of hours I used to back in the 90's (ahhh the golden age for turn based strategy games from Microprose...) but I do try to come in with an open mind and just enjoy the experience. I haven't had the serious bug problems others have seemed to have though and will be back to playing after work tonight.
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    That was a fun one...never got that popular with my friends at the time...I'll have to look to see if I can find my old copy (thanks for the reminder!) I've been playing a bit of MOM lately and my dosbox is always ready for another classic.
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    Why is development so slow?

    I didn't understand the point of this thread originally I guess.....but now....Chris (and company), could you please go ahead and finish this so it will be out on my birthday...that would be nice The fun of being able to watch the development of this project, play some fun little battles in the meantime and to occasionally interact in a nice/friendly community (most of the time) is well worth the price of admission! Heck, I've already got my money's worth and just continue to look forward to what's coming next. (Plus I happen to be enjoying "that other game that just came out" for the time being...)
  24. Russonc

    Development Update - 23 October 2012

    I just like being a part of the process...I already feel like I have my money's worth messing with the alpha! I do appreciate the updates on the progress. Thanks Chris (and others...)