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  1. +1 on the texture bug. Except it is impacting huge parts of the level not just alien ship. Confirmed on two missions in a row now on RC1.
  2. adamjm

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    Congratulations! It was so long ago that I read about this game being made and thought "Yes! I really miss X-Com, we need it back and sexied up!" Well here we are. I am proud to have backed such an outstanding project and I look forward to what Goldhawk does in the future. In the meantime it's time to load up Xenonauts and start a new game, get to know a new bunch of rookies, and those that live, rename them with funny names and try to keep them alive. Have fun all
  3. adamjm

    V18 first impression

    I would be interested to know once the beta is on Steam. I have been trying to participate in the Alpha without success. I have been trying to get a more recent version installed so I can provide some gameplay videos to support interest in this game. No success. Desura installed a completely broken version that does not start. I also went to the trouble of downloading the 4.6gb zip file which had a crc error in it and failed to unpack. I have never tried so hard to play something and failed. As it stands this has sapped my considerable interest in the game to a minimum. I look forward to this title being available on Steam and would be happy to assist with beta testing.
  4. adamjm

    Downloading latest version

    Is there any way to change the download mirror from that link above? I'd to download from the West Coast US or somewhere with a better connection to Australia. The Desura client is downloading from US West coast which is great but it is only showing 17.9 Alpha available. Any idea how I can download the latest release but at the US mirror? Cheers, Adam