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  1. Okay, So I tried it with allowing one of my troops to get killed. When I had the load screen come up, it again, came up with that hint of red. I will see if I can get a screenshot for you. But yes, even with the death of a soldier, it shut down, went to the Steam screen and went from running to play.
  2. Thanks for responding Chris! I am loving the game builds. I had killed all the enemies, and then it would start to go to that screen, and then go to the steam library. I could try and see if one getting killed might work.
  3. Hi folks, I just wanted to bring up an interesting bug. I was playing just now, and over night, I would finish the last cleaner, and it would go to the screen before the summary screen. One thing I did notice during this, for a very brief moment, on the centre lower left of the screen I saw a bit of red code show up and then it disappeared. After doing this, it went back to the steam game screen, show the game go from running to start. While playing, I would create saves so that if I lost too many troops, I could just restart. It worked fine, and there was one ending where I did lose some troops, and sadly, I don't recall it actually progressing to end of the mission. I am going to try a game where I don't make saves, but honestly, I am a tad loathe to do it, so I can still afford to start making headway into those Hazmat suit wearing, turning my troops into pools of red leftover mince. I hope this kinda helps. When I do another game playthrough, I will keep you updated. Sincerely, and thanks for a potentially amazing game, but please bring back the Tiltrotor, I love the Chinook and all, but it the tilting wings, and the propellors being awesome, as well as it having a base level of fire support, oh, and the Tilt Rotor is awesome, I just want to clarify that with you all! With anticipation for the next build, Jim.
  4. Thanks for a great game everyone, you are making a long anticipated sequal, and I think you are also lucky that you have members like me, who are patient as we all, both Devs and Fans, want a GREAT game on release and not come back at you with "you crashed our PC's, and we are bringing the costs back to you for settlement!" My question is, why is the knife a weight of 15, and the rifle is 20? That doesn't make a a lot of sense to me at all! Sincerely, Jim.
  5. I definitely like the fact that you have equipped soldiers at base. What if your base is attacked? You would spend so much time equipping them at the beginning of each invasion because the armoury was locked and the guy on the dropship had it with him and died in the field! Option 3 kind of sounds interesting.
  6. Thanks, figured that bit out, but when you go into unassigned, everything is greyed out and you can't equip them unless you assign them to a craft.
  7. Hi folks, It has been a truly long time since I have played, and find myself stumped that I can't for some reason I can't equip my soldiers outside of my transport. Sorry if this has been answered and asked, but I ask for leniency in asking Also, how do I get my kickstarter me soldier into my game? Just starting a new runthrough, I have to say team, the game is looking shmexy indeed! Can't wait for the full release, well I can, I have been doing so for a few years now, but just looking forward to a full brand spanking new game. All hail my mini-me as he saves the Earth!
  8. Thanks for giving us this update as it is a very important and critical choice, which is going to effect a LOT of the game. I will do this reply in point form. - Multiple bases are my ideal as you can have different listening posts all over the globe. This would be even better if the transporter moved troops and supplies between bases. - As much as the side on esthetics look nice, to me it looks like it would be too complicated to know which is which. The top down or good ol 3D Isometric (for us older gamers out there) is a lot easier to say, oh that is the toilet, that is the kitchen sink etc. There should be a kitchen so we can have some of our troops get frying pans and cleavers out to fight! - If there is going to be dropship for the entire bases, then you should have the base teleporter option available, so that you can say story wise, that you need specialist from here, here and there to do this particular kind of mission, whereas in another mission, you might need a totally different team. This would also allow the option that if you have say 5 bases, and there are say 40 soldiers at each, and you needed say 4 from each base, there is still a sizeable defence for as it always seemed to happen that you'd be out on a mission with 2/3 of your troops, and an alien assault team of snakemen and ethereals would come and attack your base and you'd be down your base, troops and chopper... which in my train of thought, could just then fly back to a base that has an empty hangar available. - I do like the whole shared equipment and researchers idea. Since there were computers and the internet available, it has allowed universities as well as governments to have research done by multiple labs at once because they are able to share results. Looking forward to seeing what comes up next. There was something else I wanted to add, but lost it ah... right is there a potentiality for there being more power at one base, and then having it wirelessly transmitted to a base that needs some extra? Please keep up the good work, and thanks for the updates that you have been posting. I am looking forward to seeing myself in the game. :) With gratitude and happiness, Jim.
  9. Ozenglish

    V21 Stable Released!

    And this is why you are called GoldHawk and not EA.. oopps did I just say that?
  10. I just had a bug repeated twice, where I went to load a hunter from the vehicle screen on to the Chinook and it crashed the game. I did this after fixing a loadout issue with one of my soldiers.
  11. Please tell me the Base upgrade is available, I want to send a cat hologram to another part of the world and not have it crash on me :-( !! Thanks for the hard work guys, I hope our feedback has been helpful to you all. This game is joy for those of us who played the Microprose Original. Now if someone could only redo Sun Tzu's Ancient Art Of War LOL
  12. Hey folks. Just letting you know that the ovens in the base upgrade screen, or my troops total disdain for Alien Shower sacs seems to want to crash the game. Everything in the background seems to function, but it sticks on the screen and you can't get out of it. Sad, I want my soundproof research labs. Otherwise, fantastic so far, the game is evolving nicely. I love how you don't go from F-17 straight into human flying saucer. Upgrading existing or terrestrial based designs is much more logical. Just love love love this game. Thanks!
  13. Yah, I was up until like 4am almost.. this game is getting more awesome. Just a shame I am down to my last two men and I still have around 8 more aliens to kill :-(
  14. Hi guys. I noticed a bug on the Personnel/Training screen. If you press the escape button the game crashes straight back to steam. I have repeated it every now and again, on purpose, usually by accident though. Just thought I would give a heads up! Loving the game. How the hell do I get some alien interceptor tech dang it?!?!?! This game has me so excited. It is the original, but better, and prettier, and the saucers make more sense. Three on one in my favour I am ok, three/three match, they usually win.
  15. Not neccessarily. On my laptop which has an i5 chipset and 6 gig of ram, I can run skyrim in low res mode, and only get norton throw up a this game is taking too much juice message rarely. When playing xenonauts, I get the message around every 15 minutes or so. So no, it might not be that he is thinking of X-Com but he is probably stating that he thinks it hasn't been calibrated or whatever properly yet