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  1. another question chris: which is the file that contains translation? and is it editable?
  2. congrats for EA Chris, just one question i have seen there are 11 languages, will be translated even in italian? thanks
  3. I would like to speak again about jet attack. For me it would be a nice addition. Could be do so: if you escort dropship with jet you can launch an attack from above once a battle. And it would be simple to implement i think. What do you think Chris? And if someone dislikes this you can disable this features Thanks
  4. After few turn i experienced a black screen. After reload all turn ok this happen when a alien die
  5. i can produce alien alloy without an alloy forge
  6. hi chris this build is stable, played 2 hours and no bugs/crash encountered some consideration: painful loading time a little bit laggy when switch between tab(soldier, research etc) thanks the game grow up so good!
  7. first mission where i have to save human in a capsule, click on capsule and the game crash
  8. trying to save an human in a capsule and the game crashes
  9. hi chris v24 looks amazing but loading time... are too long, 2-3 m to strategic layer or ground mission can you optimize it? thanks
  10. i'm not against special mission of course but against repetitiveness, i think should be in a random map at least imho
  11. i mean mission in canada against human/rebel
  12. hi, every time i start a campaign i encounter same mission in the same map with insurgents, is it possible to randomize that? I dislike xcom2 for this reason, scripted mission. thanks!
  13. if is not possible to implement it no problem i tried
  14. mhhh no is not realistic, if i have jet i can also bombard this is realism. For me is very satsfying bombard alien from above, or blow up with a napalm strike
  15. Yes that is true, but add more realism. Eventually you can add this feature( i think implementing it is simple) and add an option to disable it from options. Often i lost all my soldier in a mission, with this option i have an opportunity(one time) to save a part of them. You can also add a cost for the bomb attack. Thanks!
  16. it would be a great addition add bomb attack from your JET. If you send a dropship with a Jet you can one time per combat lauch a missile attack on a chosen target. I hope you consider this thanks
  17. so two bugs: same name of icons and that "focus mind" cover soldier image right? thanks
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