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  1. Melee weapons are not the same as infinite starting stunbatons, shotguns, rifles e.t.c., you have to manufacture it. "0" in this screen is the number of axes you posess right now. And to manufacture it you have to capture alive xenomorph, recycle it into manufacture screen into chitin and only then craft your first axe. Though it's strange you was able to add it to backback. I've never tried that with weapons I don't own.
  2. Ok, while scrolling "researches.xml" found a bug in 1.00.11c. Missed "0" in line 2171, the way it works right now railminigun mk-3 may unlock from SebillianDataHack1, not 10. Good thing this game's data is so open to change.
  3. Apparently that's wrong. I have all possible sebillian operators from phase 2, but still miss one sebillian data hack from phase 1. And if I understood "researches.xml" correctly there are no triggers for datahacks beside operators from same phase. For example, there is only single instance of "UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.SebillianDataHack1" in whole file and it triggers only from phase 1 operators and chieftain: EDIT: After another inspection I'm right about only Light Scout Operators from phase 1, which don't have older brothers from higher phases. Scout = Landing ship = Carrirer = Battleship, Corvette = Cruiser = Dreadnaught, SmallBase = MediumBase = LargeBase, etc.
  4. Hi! Some questions about this mod. - I missed Light scout sebillian operator from phase one and therefore didn't get some mk3 techology. Does that mean its lost forever or Landing operator from phase 2 can add this technology as well? I saw tooltip about specialists containing previous tech, but not sure about operators; - Facehuggers and eggs are targetable only with control, xpedia entry says the same. Is this intentional to make them harder to see or some workaround when adding them?; - I've seen facehuggers only once and didn't see much, how do they attack? Instakill like vanilla reapers? Are they phase 1 only enemies? - I've managed to capture facehugger, but can you get corpse for study? - Exploding xenomorphs - can you capture them or get a corpse? After beating one with a lot of sticks (not a single bullet) he just exploded; - Is someone still working on this mod? Is 1.00.11c final? Great mod, by the way, thanks a lot.
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