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  1. For posterity. I am done, myself. The game crashes on the regular, and multiple aliens are straight invincible outside Precision Rifles. Autosave3.sav
  2. So, when you shoot an Alien and it goes "Eargh" and no damage number pops up...is that like, the armour soaking all the damage or something? Because it happens very often in early game. And happens all the time with the Shotgun.
  3. Loaded an older save, got a new map. Cyberdisk does not crash this time. Just weirdness I guess.
  4. I've had no problems with the AMR yet, and it's apparently a mod designed for X-Division. At least, has X-Division as a dependency. I'm pretty far in, they are sending Terror Carriers and such. Plus, it's not any other alien on that map. I can kill them all, but soon as I so much as shoot that one Cyber-Disk, boom. Done and dead. Workshop support seems to have just, downloaded itself when I tried to get it off Steam.
  5. So I got a game-breaker. Terror attack dropped, I deployed to kill them. But, every time I try to shoot at a Cyber-Disk, the game immediately crashes. I've tried with different soldiers, and the result is the same. Autosave3.sav
  6. Ahh. Core bug. That's sadness! I shall continue playing, to find another gripe~ Until then, excellent mod guys~ (Or, guy? I dunno)
  7. Yea. My Machinegun and the Hunters .30 cal are far more effective against the doors than the rocket launcher. Though, a new gripe. Sometimes I get this bug where it just sticks on "Alien Turn" forever. I can't even save or load because it won't open the menu on enemy turns. It's just, their turn, forever.
  8. So, I got back into Xenonauts, downloaded all the gubbins to play this mod, and got into a crashed UFO attack. Guys all readied at the door, rocket launcher came out, fired at the door. Woosh, Bang. Nothing. So I thought maybe the game had bugged and hadn't registered the hit. So we reloaded and fired at the door again. Woosh, Bang. Nothing. So, now I am here sat wondering if this mod turns off door damage or something... EDIT: So the doors do break open. I just put a Minigun and a Cannon on it. I think the Rocket Launcher has low damage, or splash damage doesn't effect the door and you gotta be super precise?