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    [1.65 + XCE 0.35] Xtended Soldier Backgrounds

    i tried to copy the mod to the assets, but then the game crashed
  2. desert hamster

    [1.65 + XCE 0.35] Xtended Soldier Backgrounds

    I only seem to be getting default nations. I got one Brazilian and one Swiss guy after about 10 tries. I get lots of hungarians fins and czechoslovakians but no other nations. how do i fix that? i use the community addition mod with this edit - i just noticed that the swiss were added later on in the vanila, so the mod is not registered at all
  3. Hi! I was looking at an extended backgrounds mod and i found that the link to the latest version was broken and the guy that made it is nowhere to be see.
    Would you happen to have a copy of it i could use. Could you upload it?
    Thanks in advance

    Edit - I have found your new mod, but it does not work. there are only default nations

    1. Pinetree


      The link at the bottom of this post works for me, however this is the latest version that I did and has none of Ogaburan's (who took it over) changes in it.


    2. desert hamster

      desert hamster

      thanks for the quick reply. i have installed it but i seem to be only getting default nations. i only got one brazilian after a few tries, but a bunch of hungarians and fins that were not that numerious in comparison. how do i change spawn chance?