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  1. No. Especially #4 is a gameplay change. Either you have game in sunlight and beeing able to spot enemies 20-30 tiles away and snipe them or you have darkness and spot enemies 4 tiles away and go into close combat. Or a bit of both. Still, they represent very different playstyles/experiences. So no, not cosmetic. X-com 1 and TFTD had (some) murky maps and night missions very truly scary (=awesome). And IMHO that represent the UFO genre best. Like in ET, Close contact, X-files aliens often lands/flies in darkness. And the rest of my proposals is not less functional to me. To be able to spot where I can go and still shoot at a glance instead of having to check every single tile is more functional for me. About #5 yes one can change rotation in the demo. But if 90 degrees is the standard one should you not be able to see every tile on the board from at least one of the angles? So, to summarize, I dont see that any of my suggestions are less functional, at least not to me. To me they are more functional, or the same level of functional and prettier.
  2. Hi! I have played probably all x-com like games the last 30 years because the first one is still my favorite game of all times. (Even though it did have its faults.) I have followed X2 through the dev updates but are not a beta tester. So maybe I have some fresh eyes? Anyway, played the beta on steam. My thoughts: 0. The music. Wow! I love it! Seriously! LOVE it! Promise it will be in the final release! Please? 1. The graphics looks a bit boring especially compared to XCOM and Phoenix Point. Its not bad but its not good. (I do understand its so unfair to compare with AAA titles but obviously thats the thing people will compare with.) The map was ok but a bit bland. Maybe som stronger colors on the containers? Or maybe some black outlines around objects? 2. One thing that just looks ugly and I would STRONGLY recommend you change is the green aiming ”line” on the ground. As someone else here wrote it just looks ugly. Please replace with a single uninterupted line from the shooters eye to the target. Maybe starting fully green and then for every obstacle changing color ending in red if no/low chance of hitting? 3. A green field of tiles like in XCOM and PP to show where you can go. Its just the standard of the industry right now and I do missed it in the demo. Maybe colorcoded to match your primary weapon. Green for move and fire burst, yellow for move and fire single shot, red for move and cannot shoot. I do understand X2s movement is more complicated than that and I much prefere it to XCOMs simplified movement but still. I did see that the game showed the number of TUs left if I move to a tile but a more graphic represenation would be much better. 4. Darkness. One thing i dont like about PP is that even though it draws from lovecraft there is no horror in it (as far as I have played. The game is not at all what I expected and have played about 20 hours and just cant like it how much as I want to.) If possible, make the first missions play out in the night. Maybe the first UFOs only land at night and fly away at morning. And if needed returns at night to the same location perhaps 3 nights in a row. So you have to play at night giving the proper horror setting early in the game. To get you in the mood. And even in the beta - why was it light indoors? Probably the aliens would have electronic interference making all lights (except xenonauts specials ones) go dark. So even in daylight it could be dark inside. I had an alien in the warehouse in the middle of the map. Would have loved for it to be dark and visibility perhaps only like 4-5 tiles. Sneeking around in there carefully and walking around a corner suddenly facing 2 aliens would have been GREAT! 5. Using the standard map rotation of 90 degrees there were spots in the center of the map where I just couldnt see my soldiers due to the angles. It was between the large containers pretty much in the center of the map. Thanks for reading. I want to love this game. A final word of what made UFO defence great for me is that it IMHO first and foremost is a economic/strategic game with tactical battles thrown in. Or at least its a good balance betweeen the two. PP for all its promises has a VERY shallow strategic level and a kind of boring tactical level. (And we are not even going to mention firaxis XCOM) So please make the stratigic level as interesting as the tactial, if not even more. Thank you again for reading. Just my thoughts. And sorry for the wall of text! edit: oh and forgot number 6. Bullet time. The shots just flies so fast its impossible to feel the hits. Would bullet time like in XCOM be possible where time slows to perhaps 1/10 of normal time? It doesnt have to zoom in or anything, just go muucch slower. Maybe be a toggable setting in options?