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  1. Is Scimitar vehicle bugged? As stats aren't correct with xenopedia, name, image too imho Final product is Scimitar, not Hyperion so it's ok, just wrong image and name during production phase.
  2. normal damage too? It's not visible sadly. In my case I used standard tactic: soften her by axe to the level till she would die with next blow, after that used batons only - she was blowing up at the end sadly.
  3. Yeah, perhaps shock weapons would work on her, thought it's weird that shock baton isn't enough imho.
  4. What do you mean by alternatives? Since now I was able to stun all xenomorphs except for that one which blows up too.
  5. Is it possible to stun Xenomorph Queen by shock baton? When I try that, b*%& just blow up, when her time comes.
  6. Bellator

    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    How much does alien tank HP have? Does it vary on difficulty levels? Can flame weapons damage it (my experiences answer they can't, but want to be sure)?