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  1. Just a quick followup on my previous issue, i did some more testing and confirmed what the problem is. Without touching anything and just restarting, i managed to unlock mk2 division tech with both the heavy and the sniper on different saves. After 3 more restarts the same thing happened and i was permanently blocked out of mk2 division tech. The problem is bolded here in Researches.Xml. <Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AdvAlienBallisticTechnology</Data> ........... <Data ss:Type="String">Researches.AlienBallisticTechnology(AND)Researches.SebillianweaponsergeantInterrogation(AND)Researches.AlienFlamerTechnology(AND)Researches.AlienBallisticSniper(AND)Function.Chance(AdvABTChanceName,1,39)(OR)Researches.AlienBallisticTechnology(AND)Researches.SebillianweaponsergeantInterrogation(AND)Researches.AlienBallisticHeavy(AND)Researches.AlienFlamerTechnology(AND)Function.Chance(AdvABTChanceName,40,75)</Data> I could not find where the integer for AdvABTChanceName is generated, but i know its rolled at the start of a playthrough and saved in the savefile in some manner. Since i couldnt find that i had to brute force solve the problem and just keep restarting and seeing if mk2 division tech will randomly not unlock, which is ended up eventually not doing after a few restarts. The problem specifically is that AdvABTChanceName is a random number from 1-100. Function.Chance(AdvABTChanceName,1,39) means on a roll of 1-39, the sniper is needed for mk, and (AdvABTChanceName,40,75) means on a roll of 40-75 the heavy will unlock mk2. We used to have a third one for the cannon (AdvABTChanceName,76,100) which covers 76 to the max roll of 100. The issue is that this third one was deleted (to make mk2 division tech not locked behind an andron encounter in the patch notes) but the remaining values were not adjusted to cover a roll of 76-100. This means you have a flat 25% chance per playthrough to have division mk 2 remain impossible to unlock. Which locks you out of Division mk2, Division mk3, all Antimatter Weaponry, and vehicle cannons. The quick fix is as follows in Researches.xml, though please realize this is !!!!!NOT AN OFFICIAL FIX BY THE X DIVISION DEVS. I am NOT a part of this project, so the devs may feel free to delete this post as necessary!!!!!! That said, this change will work and won't break anything, however it is NOT savegame compatible. You must restart your campaign for this fix to work. Simply ctrl+f and search for AdvAlienBallisticTechnology. Scroll down a tiny bit to find the code i posted above. Change (AdvABTChanceName,1,39) to (AdvABTChanceName,1,54) and then also change (AdvABTChanceName,40,75) to (AdvABTChanceName,55,100). This change just fixes the original intention of the dev to remove the cannon as a possible requirement for mk2 division tech. The sniper will have a 55% chance to be picked, and the heavy a 45% chance to be picked, which is roughly in line with the original values of 40%, 35% and 25% for the sniper, heavy and cannon respectively. That all said, this is a pretty important bug to fix for the 1.00.11b patch, I'm not sure if any support still exists for the mod, but i figured i should post this here. Please feel free to delete this if i am breaking any mod rules! It wasn't my intention! Happy hunting, commanders.
  2. Quick issue im having. Im running the 1.0.11b patch, I started with a fresh install of the base xenonauts game, ran the game, switched to xce beta, ran the game, downloaded x div 1.0, ran it, and then downloaded and ran the 1.0.11b patch. No additional mods, never touched anything on mod priorities, never touched any code. Issue im having is i can't unlock division mk2 weaponry. Research tree shows I need alienballisticstech, weapon sergeant interrogation , alienflamertech and then one of three chosen at random (sniper,cannon,heavy). I have all of those researched and I still did not unlock advalienballistics research. I noticed the changelog for mk2 division states it no longer has a chance 33% to be locked behind an andron encounter which i assumed was the cannon. Looking at research.xml i saw the code for unlocking division mk2 had the entire "(OR) .... alienballisticCannon" with the RNG part deleted as well. I would assume that having that entire part deleted removes the cannon as an option for division mk2 tech, but does that have a chance to mess with the RNG? The other two (sniper 1,39) and (heavy 40, 75) respectively show a 40 and 35% rate of being picked. Does this then mean that there is now a 25% chance for mk2 divison tech to be hardlocked on a roll of 76 -> 100? Or does having the cannon removed as an option mean that the dice roll can only be 1-75 as listed, with 76+ no longer being possible? Would the values need to be changed to 1-50 and 51-100 on both the sniper and heavy for this to no longer happen? TLDR- I cant unlock mk2 division even though i have all the relevant tech unlocked. Edit: I appear to also be seeing some differences from some videos i've seen on youtube, such as my alenium selling for 25,000 each instead of 1,000. I guess i'll try another reinstallation then Edit 2: Did another full reinstallation from scratch and im still getting the same high prices. Alenium selling for 25,000, alloys for 10,000.
  3. Very strange, i guess i'll go post in the troubleshooting then. I did a fresh installation again and followed the directions precisely to install 1.00.00 and then the .10 patch but within 2 missions of a new game it happened again. This time the soldier carrying them had all of his first aids (He was holding 4) used up after the first one was used. Other soldiers were affected at random. Some still had 5/5 patches, some had 0/5 patches. Thanks for the response, i guess i'll just avoid using c4 altogether and pray the first aids/shields dont bug out lol
  4. Got a quick question and was wondering if it anyone else gets this type of bug. If not, i'll simply reinstall the mod to see if it fixes it. It seems that items with certain states like the first aid patch 5/5, the shield 160/160, and C4 have a weird bug for me. I have no idea how to replicate it, but its so absolutely crippling that when it happens it can easily be a squad wipe. Randomly while playing all of the first aid patches will sync together. Meaning i'll use a 5/5 to heal and it will drop to 0/5 as intended and will heal. The problem is that ALL first aid patches are now 0/5 and empty that the soldier is carrying. Infact it makes all the first aids i brought on the mission 0/5, even ones other soldiers carry and ones left on the drop ship. The same thing happened to me with shields. I had 8 shields, one got shot down to 2/160. Next round i lose 3 people to gunfire that the shield should have blocked. Confused, i looked at the 4 others that should have had full 160/160 and they were all 2/160. So all 8 shields became 2/160. That one ended one campaign pretty early. C4... occasionally does the same. I primed one for 2 rounds, dropped it on the floor in front of the UFO and ran far away. 2 rounds later the C4 went off as intended, along with every C4 that any of my soldiers were carrying, resulting in an instant 8/8 squad wipe. So by priming one, all c4s were primed. I have not had this bug with the main medkit 25/25, but this has basically destroyed a couple runs in a really funny way. I wish i had the video of the C4 chain for you guys. I'm afraid to use shields/c4s/first aids now since the bug occurring once forces a retreat and abort. Does this randomly happen for anyone else? If not i'll just reinstall. And damn I really appreciate the mod guys. Edit: Forgot to mention I'm using the unofficial version 1.0.10