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    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    NM all. I figured it out.
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    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    I have a question regarding the spectre files when creating a new weapon. I am adding a handheld weapon and all of the assets are working as far the the ui and ground is concerned. However when I create a unit/armor/new_handheld type folder, and add the spectre to that along with new .png files displaying that weapon it is not working. I have tried renaming the path in the spectre file to reflect the "new_handheld" as well and the character is not showing up at all in the game view. Either the game is unable to find the image files, or it truly is a specter. :P Do I need to do something with all the xml files that go along with it for each unit position/state? I see a reference to a toga_002*.png or something type image, but I'm unsure of what that is referring to. Any help would be much appreciated.