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  1. Yes i think the problem is the kinetic weapons maybe. Anyway this time i retry a campaign but in the ng 2 ironman time for activate my brains and play slowly Ps: i like your youtube series dagar
  2. Oh thank you but i'm confused i never try to upload a save before i try but i don't find the save
  3. Hello i have a question. In a other campaign i have a bug or a problem (or is just bad luck). I'm in the middle of november and i'm blocked with the division weapons, i'm still with the mk1. But i have captured and interrogated all the sebillain of the pase 1 (except the assaut and bomber operator), i have research the sebillan data hack 1 and 2, but the research adance divison wepons don't appears... Phase 2 is coming and i'm sad, do you guy have an reply thank you very much Ps other question : is a problem to construct a " Quantum cryptology center " in a base with workshop??
  4. My first Sebillian base on NG+1 ironman. Oh my god it's was harsh, and painful. The end was epic, with only 2 soldiers left and one bleeding a lot, the wounded soldier cross the command room for trow a grenade to the chieftain, the grenade don't kill it, but i reaction fire a and kil my soldier, my ultimate mate cross the distance a kill this bastard with the division mk3 minigun .
  5. Okay thank you i think i have understand. But just a final question, for my installation i just put the 3 main files in the same folder, i just unzip with winrar the First and follow the installator, after i apply the last patch X.10. The mod work well, but how the second and third files go magically in the xenonauts folder. Maybe with just the part 1 i was able to play but with no all modification (actually my game run i tried few mission). Thank for answers, i'm french i to scared to assault the ufo just break away haha^^
  6. Hello, first at all this mod look amazing I have a little problem in installation, i Don't understand how work the 3 files… Sould i unzipp only part 1 and click on installer because, i make this earlier and i can play but the mod is not complet ( for example the weapons section of soldier is basic and normally i see in video is "division" or missing description in x-pedia for aserius for example). ps: sorry for my bad English i'm french.