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    casualty list is glitchy.

    how does you mod order look? can you screen shot it? thanks.
  2. TheJournier

    casualty list is glitchy.

    I can't see for example where the soldiers died because the cell slider? Kindof reminds me of excel sliders are too small. All I can read "Died in seizure of ufo Nea…"
  3. This was something I was thinking about while I was playing Xenonauts, and very minor. Your weapons, jets are unique to the area you start meaning your Interplanetary defense force isn't as unified at first with inventory borrowed heavily from your parent country. If it's a nato country you start with nato weapons and an f-17 (or whatever), if it's soviet you start using more soviet type weapons/aircraft. That is until you start researching space tech. The stats wont really change just a livery type of thing I was thinking.
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    Agreed K9s would be complicated. However if done right it would be hella fun. My thoughts on K9 abilities/drawbacks: K9 shouldn't be just a dog but a dog assigned to someone like gear. A K9 becomes useless without its master but takes up as space like regular soldier. ^ mostly agree with what said here except. - K9s for the most part cannot kill an alien - except for maybe low level/small - frail aliens. Big grunts get minimal damage from them. ^their melee causes instant suppressed. They also cause stun damage. - K9s like soliders have TUs right, but they are significantly faster. Meaning aliens/humans alike cannot out pace them.
  5. Yeah in absolute real life thing soldiers do carry sidearms always, regardless of what other weapons the also have. in my old X1 playthroughs my snipers/heavy weapons always carried just pistol, but my "Rocketeer" always had AR (logic behind that is that I'm only gonna shoot the RPG 3 times tops and it becomes useless, however the sniper/mg can be shot multiple times past that). So I would wind up with that. I've always heard PDW's though accompanied other firearms though like pistol, so my though it was rather a pocket ar or a step up from a plain pistol (also needs at stronger soldier to capitalize on that advantage). @Chris thanks for clearing that up for me though. Looking forward to the steam release...
  6. First of, from what the alpha looks like this game is a leap forward in somethings, like the ability to rotate view. The addition of new weapons like a grenade launcher. However I found somethings concerning. The mention of primary/sidearms: While it is a little outlandish to wield both the M4 and SMG as both are designed for the same thing, CQC. The PDW is often a sidearm of Snipers, and Machine gunners IRL. Think of it this way Some weapons are limited in the how often you can shoot, or how they are used (in the case of MGs and Snipers). Unless you include even more modern snipers/MGs (which are lighter), that have full auto capability I think is reasonable for people to have SMGs/PDWs as sidearms. Or rather, the cumbersome weapon becomes the sidearm lol. On old x1 for example, you have Rocketeers with Rocket Launcher as a primary. This is just not how it is or should be, I quickly changed my Rocketeers loadout to rockets/AR. If I had an SMG I would use it for weaker characters who unfortunately were nominated the role. PDW's and how they balance: IMHO I think the advantage of the PDW over the AR is the actual weight of the weapon. Leading to better reflexes. It should sit comfortable in the middle between a side arm like a pistol, and an ar. I've played a mod where SMGs did not have select fire, I feel like they should. It should be similar to an AR except for the shorter range, better reflex (not as good as a pistol), and slight reduction on TU penalty. Grenades: I've played both 2k's XCOM and Xenonauts. I know some people find it frustrating, but I like the 1 turn or half turn delay grenades have. As it simulate how grenades are used, throw/take cover. Rpg: I'd like to have a 3 rocket types. Generally I've seen 2 but usually incendiary which I usually don't use. The I like to see HEDP or HE and HEAT rockets. Both filling different roles and capabilities. HEAT is for mainly machinery and penetrating surfaces, while the other just blow ups on impact. I feel the advantages of the HE rocket should be weight, and possibly blast radius. While the other shoots through doors/windows/walls possibly.