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  1. Version 1.3 - the same thing. Even when I shoot from high ground to high ground. Bonus doubles actually.
  2. Can't save the game manually (save as new or rewrite existing file) during ground combat. Tried several missions with the same effect. On the global map saves work perfectly. I attached save before ground combat. 222.json
  3. LordAntony

    Xenonauts-2 Closed Beta V1.2 Released!

    Combat mission. Can't save the game manually in a combat mission. When I press save button - nothing happens. Autosave of this mission attached. I am able to save manually on the global map. Also, Alt+Tab, in a combat mission, moves the camera to the corner of the map. Still can't shoot/throw through opened doors. auto_save_0001.json
  4. Yes, it was old save. I'll try a new game. If I will have any trouble - let you now.
  5. Constant CTD on January, 8. Save attached. The latest patch (December, 6) installed. 222.json
  6. Today's update fix it. And load folder too.
  7. Constant CTDT after combat mission, when my Falcon-1 returns home. Save attached. fgdg.json
  8. Combat Mission. Floor texture of the alien ship bug. When I move/rotate the camera, cells randomly disappear. Can't shoot/throw a grenade through an open door in any direction, but right in front of the soldier. Saves. I saved game (combat mission or global map) successfully and quit. When I tried to load it from the menu - folder was empty, BUT "continue" button was enabled and load my game correctly. Save's name is FGDC. And yes, it is visible from Save menu. Menu. Anywhere in the game: ESC -> Quit game ->Main menu. Actually, I am quitting the game, but not returning to the main menu. My Specs: Windows 10 x64 (build 1809); Intel i7-7700HQ; 16 Gb RAM; Nvidia Geforce 1070 (driver 417.01).