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  1. Ok, more "fun" with the Continued previosly saved game. 1. When I Continue from Main menu previously saved game, and then on the Geoscape try to Load any of my othe previously saved games the game crashes. 2. Also Continued game where I've before saving done nothing more then just placed a base and after continuation put time flow on the max level and ignored everything. Then on the begining of the 8 day, when the "Thanks for playing" screen shoul show, the game crashes instead.
  2. 1. I can save game and it shows in the Load Game screen while I'm in game on the Geoscape, but when I get to the Main menu. there are no Games to Load in the Load Game screen, but Continue button is functioal and loads my last saved game. 2. When I Quit a game from the Geoscape, that I previously saved exited and continued from the Main menu, and select Quit to Main menu option the game crashes. Xenonauts 2 Save game Screen 01.bmp Xenonauts 2 Save game Screen 02.bmp
  3. I've experienced similar problem as OzoneGrif when renaming soldier in the armory. First the old name shrinks weirdly under the rank, and then when you are actualy changing the name the letter are going to the left outside the screen. Next when you validate the new name it goes similarly out of bounds under the soldiers nation flag. Xenonauts2_Soldier_renaming_Screen_04.bmp Xenonauts2_Soldier_renaming_Screen_03.bmp Xenonauts2_Soldier_renaming_Screen_02.bmp Xenonauts2_Soldier_renaming_Screen_01.bmp