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  1. I made WARDEN COMBAT ARMOUR But WARDEN COMBAT ARMOUR does not appear on the soldier's equipment screen Oh no P.S. I would like to post this on the discord side for simpler purposes. Are you using that one? user_11-1.json
  2. Default loadout setting have nothing, maybe since make Laser weapon. I don't edit any default loadout setting user-3.json
  3. Enemy is clearly on land, no mission generate Upload the previous save data. You can reproduce it by pressing a commence attack and start air battle and leave it strategy-80.json
  4. If the map is already enlarged, answer yes. This bug does not occur unless you are zoomed in before performing an air battle. max zoom in map beforehand and try air battle. but,This feature may be unnecessary anymore, because there is an option to tail until over land
  5. When we did not deal with terrorist sites Relationship penalty is disabled. Check the upload of the saved data. user-4.json
  6. When the game is loaded The stun grenade smoke you have already thrown does not appear The effect remains
  7. If air battle before expanding the map size, it will not be able to reduce the map
  8. >>You've never lost an aircraft in combat before and not experienced a crash, have you? Yes, battle HARVESTER will be in the same state I understood the reason in the explanation in another topic, thanks
  9. If C4 explodes, the game will explode! groundcombat-154.json output_log.txt
  10. Select COMMENCE ATTACK to crashes the game after the battle screen (when push CLOSE ) Select AUTORESOLVE ATTACK to not crashes the game Upload save data and logs. strategy-30.json output_log.txt
  11. Not only the rank but also gain status of soldiers has been disabled. If you look in the Geoscape after the result screen, you can see that the status has returned.
  12. nanothread can develop faster than composite,but nanothread is lighter and stronger than composite nanothread 40,40,40 composite 35,35,0 Is this correct?