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  1. Thanks! For any reason my computer didn't like the other format. In 7z it worked good. In addition, the 7z file is smaller than the other. I am now trying these mods, getting adapted for the new features (the change in the vehicle weapons, per example).
  2. Yes, is the same Md5. Then, If the file is rigth, maybe the problem is in my computer. Or not. I never ever had such a porblem like this.
  3. Hello: I'm new in this forum. I tried to download and install the xenonauts:CE, last version (0.35) but it always says me when I'm triying to unpack the zip file, error extracting file, error in file heading. This occurs in the last part of the file, the first files extracts without any problem. I downloaded it a lot of times. I tried in different drives, including a USB drive. Administrator permissions. And no way to extract it properly. Can you help me?