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  1. I asked this on the Xenonauts general forum but got no answer. Maybe someone can help me here?
  2. Going to bump once. Are there still people here, hello?
  3. Hello. I played Xenonauts on release and now I'm playing it again with CE. Currently on a Veteran Iron Man run. I got a couple of questions that I can't seem to google the answers to. LoS: It seems that aliens are seeing me before I see them. Some sources say this is normal and it was implemented to raise difficulty. After some good hours on my run I read a Steam about editing the Aliens' parameters. I went in and checked aiprops.xml and it seems that only the only aliens that has a sightRange higher than 18(soldier's range) are Wraiths(19), Reapers(20), and Praetors(20). It is strange that I'm getting sniped by Caesans and Sebillians early game where there's no Wraiths, Reapers, and Praetors. Is the CE using a different file settings? Breaching UFOs: It seems that the CE added reactionfire when interacting with doors and teleporters. On doors I can manage with shields and maybe some pre-smoke but the teleporters are just brutal. You've no idea where the enemy is camping at the exit so bringing in a shield-bearer has very limited usefulness. I guess I'm more about asking tips how to properly breach large and massive ships. The game has a lot of RNG death, and now I have to roll another die when an above floor. Maybe there is a way to disable this CE feature? Gaining Strength: A more direct question. Is there a way to edit the game files so soldiers wearing Predator armor can still level their STR? It's nothing major but I'd really like that STR gain on my soldiers!
  4. xanieeee

    General rifle balance

    You nailed it. I'm trying to think of a way to make rifles not get obsolete even after getting predators. Hmm.
  5. xanieeee

    [1.5/X:CE] Cybernetic Armour

    I left my computer to load the mod for a good 30 minutes. When I came back the launcher was still frozen so I assumed it wasn't working. I copy/pasted everything on XCE folder's assets before doing anything with Cybernetic Armor mod. I installed the Cybernetic Armor mod from the launcher. I'll get back to it soon and will report what's wrong.
  6. xanieeee

    General rifle balance

    The thing is there is no downside as using MGs to replace rifles when you have the predator armor. That's the point I wanted to make. I just finished my run just now. I'm downloading X-Division to try it out. Looks very promising!
  7. xanieeee

    General rifle balance

    Heh, Terminator. Funny that used that word. When I was talking to my friend a few minutes after trying out this armor I called it "my very own terminator". I'm more focused about the usefulness of the rifle class, though. The predator might make MG guys OP, but other classes still has their own uses throughout the entire game. Shotguns are still better at camping corners and assaulting rooms, shields are still good at soaking up reaction fire damage so that your main guys can get their shot in without getting killed, snipers with their added mobility(flying armors) and accuracy are good at taking down enemies from a safe position, and of course rocketeers still solves a lot of problems. It's only the rifle that has been phased out entirely. It doesn't have its own niche anymore to effective deploy it without gimping your squad.
  8. Hullo. I've recently discovered this little gem of a game. I came from playing XCOM(2012) with Long War mod and I thought it was the best gaming discovery I had in years. This game just surpassed it. I love it. While some gamers are keen to story, maybe others on the graphics, a few on the settings and atmosphere I'm very well into game balance. Currently I am doing a run with XCE 0.32 normal/ironman(my first run that passed the third month). I am almost done. I'm just waiting for the END GAME research to finish. While playing this run I have noticed that rifles has become less and less useful over the course of the game. They are of good balance and utility when your troops are still using ballistics and laser weaponry, but once you go to plasma and beyond their falloff becomes very noticeable. An extreme falloff would be when you get access to Predator armor. Your heavy guy, thanks to the armor, can basically do what your rifleman does.. 10 times better. Let's get some points up. On early/mid game: +MG has better damage/TU +Better penetration +A single 10 round burst almost always secures a suppression if your victim was lucky enough to live -Heavy weapon -Heavy ammo -Hard time moving and shooting at the same turn Now when you have your Predator armor up it becomes: +MUCH better damage/TU +Better penetration, like above +Suppression wizard, like above +With 100 STR, it's not a problem lugging it around anymore +With 100 STR, it's not a problem packing up 10 "magazines" for it +No more problems with walking and shooting at the same turn As I figure the only advantage a rifle has over a predator-MG soldier is that they can switch to single shots to not damage the environment. And of course precious UFO parts. But other than that I can't find a reason for any of them to hold a rifle anymore. I only have experience on normal/ironman. Comments and opinions from higher difficulty players are most welcome!
  9. xanieeee

    Trying to mod Singularity Cannon weight

    As always, thanks Kabill. I found it. Had to take an educated guess which number was it because there were no descriptions in weapons.xml. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys. I'm playign with XCE 0.32 and I just unlocked the Singularity Cannon. When I tried to equip it I was surprised that it was too heavy even when wielded by a soldier with 100 STR so I wanted to lower its weight. I found the particlebeam/singularitycannon in weapons_gc.xml at assets/mods/xce folder. I changed the weight from 40 to 10 but it's still 40kg in game. What am I doing wrong?
  11. xanieeee

    [1.5/X:CE] Cybernetic Armour

    Hey Kabill. I tried installing the armor resource pack (just so I can use this mod) through the launcher mod manager but it just freezes the launcher.. It doesn't install properly. So I tried doing it manually by copypasting and installing Cybernetic mod from the manager after but it just gives me a bunch of "####" as text in the main menu of the game. When I try loading my any save games it just gives me a CTD. I'm playing with 0.32 X:CE.
  12. You're right. Welp. My vehicles have updated stats, though. My hovertank has 120 TU now. I'll definitely use this mod on my next run. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I just installed this mod but it seems that the "automatic weapon per tier" thing is just not there. I'm using XCE 0.32 HF3 with this. I have a hovertank and a scimitar but they can only equip the three explosive weapons that are there by default. Am I missing something? Did I break the mod because of my save? Do I need to restart my campaign to see the new weapons? Edit: I went on a mission with my Scimitar with MAG RAILGUN as a weapon. Surprisingly it's an automatic weapon now. How can I equip explosive ones?