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  1. I like gear customisation, but felt sometimes it got out of hand. I wouldn't mind seeing a simpler, more streamlined version.
  2. While playing as the alien invasion would be fun as a "what if", I think the truth is, for most players, it wouldn't be very challenging. I mean, if the human (played by the computer) never shot your ufo's down, or killed your aliens to capture your tech, their tech tree would not improve much. They would have more beginning resources than you...but if you were to play realistically, the alien invasion seems to have near limitless resources to throw at you when you're the player... so having that ability as an alien player would be ridiculous. If you mod that out to make the game challenging...then you lose credibility to be the invading aliens... then you lose the feeling of the game. You'd also start with a ridiculous tech advantage that would make the game absurdly easy, especially if computer defender faction was limited the same way a player defender is... and if it wasn't, well, then you'd question why you don't get those resources and abilities as a player. For balance, you'd have to be inconsistent. But if you're inconsistent, then the setting fundamentally changes, and with it, the game. Like a possible balance would be letting the computer defender have more troop[s on a mission (a wave of 24-32 xenonauts... entire platoons, rather than squads). But then as a player, you're limited to sending 1 Chinook with 1 squad, rather than a wing with 24-32 soldiers...so inconsistent and unfair and changes the styles and feel of the game. I can see the appeal...I just think it would either be too easy, or else, require so many changes as to make the setting and background of the game seem completely different to the point of being an entirely different and new game. But that's just my thoughts and opinions.
  3. I do like the idea of recovering objects and choosing whether to keep or sell. Especially with alien weapons and grenades. Even alien power systems and such. I would say the simplest solution would be: If the player can use it in some form (even if not the most ideal way)...give it to them, don't auto sell. If it has no in game function for the player...auto-sell it. I'd suggest the same with alien corpses and captives to be honest. maybe have different alien leaders and commanders have different info, so random lottery of what your interrogation turns up? Or other alien classes to get other info? (Alien engineers, medics, navigators/pilots etc.)
  4. I'd definitely like to see more dynamic air combat, with more realistic weapon loadouts, more interceptor and fighter types and more weapon variety. I'd also like to see one where damage to enemies carries over from one interception to the next... as well as to the tactical map. Maybe an option to target specific areas of an alien ship, or random hit location allocation. Then check to see what alien crew are in that section and apply damage to them (to kill them or have them start wounded). Different weapons might have different penetration and/or effects. Same procedure for components. Thus destroying the engineering section in air combat would likely end the combat quickly, causing the ship to lose power and engines and crash...killing the engineers onboard, but also destroying power systems and engines, so no chance of recovering those or fuel sources in the missions. Targeting the enemy crafts weapons would mean they can't shoot back, making it safer to attack, but stands little chance of downing the enemy craft and means you can't recover alien craft weapons. etc. etc. Base this on the damage done to the ship, maybe by section/compartment. Damaged, breached, destroyed values maybe. Then of course, this damage would be reflected in the ship model for tactical combat, both exterior and interior and create more dynamic entry points. Maybe options to bomb or strafe the site and continue the attack as the craft goes down, or has already crashed...which would cause more damage and kill more enemies, making more breaching points, more options and an easier mission...at the cost of more aircraft ammo, less experience for troops on ground, and less equipment and components that can be recovered in tact (less alloys from the hull too, obviously). Give more strategic and tactical options and flexibility, at the cost of more choices...balance your needs.
  5. I do like the idea of some close range, static heavy weapons on the transport ship (maybe make them automated, reaction fire only? And probably just HMG's/miniguns... or grenade launchers with HE or Smoke grenades... but MG's seem more likely. Intact alien ships might have point defence too... but they'd have to be destructible (which might cause collateral damage to capturing systems... or taking the alien craft with them in tact adds research options for better ones for the player).
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