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  1. You have to research some other things to, i dont remember all the needs for the next armor, i gues andron computers and alien electronics or somthing like that.
  2. You dont need to stun Androns (its imposible), just research Andron units to get a new armor, Andron Hub Disassemble for Wolf armor, Andron Server Disassemble for Direwolf armor, and so on. As far as i know there is no X-Division research tree, but maybe i just cant find it.
  3. Best stun weapon - is shotgun
  4. Charon, can you tell approximate date. I want to start a new game, and i cant decide: wait for patch or not. Thnx.
  5. Hi. Great mod guys. Spent a lot of time playing in it. I want to show you some: this happend with me twice. I found the last alien on the map, but i cant reach him, cant shoot, cant throw a granade. But, after several turns i got a win screen, without killling him. PS: new androns are pain in the ass.