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  1. Sober_Nick

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    Please dont do this. +25-50% would be ok. Its the matter of defence not the HP. I want to show you how i am dealing with the dreadnoughts. It`s too easy. Lotus is the best damage dealers in the game still, I just can't find why i should use Cyclone, his gun is almost useles for the main goal - terror ships. In my point of view, all heavy planes is MUST have an anti-missile, so one normal slot (or heavy in case of Fury) is used for it. Also, in that case Drake is better than Fury. I can't find the role for the Marauder, he can be a fighter and he can shoot down cruiser and corvette, but the carriers don't let him use his torpedoes because of drones. Otherwise it's suicide for him. Besides, torpedoes can't turn quickly enough, or are too slow for the cruiser and a corvette. So whats his niche? IMHO: Division minigun (P1 weapon) is doing a little bit more damage than the MAG minigun (p2 weapon !) and both of them is better than the Gauss minigun (phase 3 !!). All of them is good in close combat against all enemys exept Androns, Division and MAG Minigun is - one shot one kill (even in phase 3), Gauss is ... meh. I just don't see the phase damage progression. Mitigation is a good thing, but still ...
  2. Sober_Nick

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    Very rare bug, "critical" shoot from antimatter rifle mk-2 I have captured ceasan civilian, but people is cruel (anyway that "non combatant" have a gun). Never met them before. Yes i agree, phase 2 and 3 is too long, but anyway i can't get in time to do all phase 2 researches with 3 science labs before phase 3 (i build 4th lab in the second part of phase 2). Just saying. I watching Molnar Paul Lucian youtube videos, and agree with him about phase 3 didnt have apropriate interceptor replacement. I am using corsair in phase 3 to shot down hunters (but it works though). The phase 2 terror ship is much more difficult to shoot down in comparing with phase 3 terror ship.
  3. Sober_Nick

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    You have to research some other things to, i dont remember all the needs for the next armor, i gues andron computers and alien electronics or somthing like that.
  4. Sober_Nick

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    You dont need to stun Androns (its imposible), just research Andron units to get a new armor, Andron Hub Disassemble for Wolf armor, Andron Server Disassemble for Direwolf armor, and so on. As far as i know there is no X-Division research tree, but maybe i just cant find it.
  5. Sober_Nick

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    Best stun weapon - is shotgun
  6. Sober_Nick

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    Charon, can you tell approximate date. I want to start a new game, and i cant decide: wait for patch or not. Thnx.
  7. Sober_Nick

    [1.65/X.CE V0.34.3] X-Division 0.99 Beta

    Hi. Great mod guys. Spent a lot of time playing in it. I want to show you some: this happend with me twice. I found the last alien on the map, but i cant reach him, cant shoot, cant throw a granade. But, after several turns i got a win screen, without killling him. PS: new androns are pain in the ass.