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    Organizing Soldiers

    A few moments later...
  2. First terror, that means laser weapons. Use energy based damage against robots (laser,plasma,wave,sonic. Shock grenades and rockets... EMP... ofc most of this will come a bit later). Incendiary should do the trick. Not sure why flamethrower proved to you to be inefficient but frag grenade and rocket are kinetic damage so, useless against robodogs. That leaves alenium grenades and rockets for start. To get lasers you need phaser pistol,rifle and live caesan guard. That will lead to alien phaser tech which will open laser tech. Over time some kinetic snipers and point-blank miniguns will be helpfull too.
  3. Are shockgas, shockgasexplosive and EMPgas suppose to damage mechanical units when they walk through it? EMP rocket leaves nice cloud, but useless.
  4. intercepted ufo over central america is crashing my game all the time i managed to shoot down the same type of ufo before crashedairgame.sav
  5. Kule

    (1.00.11b) airgame crashes

    Oh my... i thought UFO actually always shot two missiles, ergo two AM slots, and i understood that two AM will damage my plane over time..like, you know, paying the price for sending planes one by one.. idk nvm brainfart. Thanks I dont blame xenopedia, entries are interesting.
  6. Hi, could someone explain to me how stun works? Does it have separate ''bar'' than HP? Or if I take out 70/100 HP on alien and then hit it with stunbaton for 30 stun dmg, will I stun it? Also is stun dmg an kinetic type? EMP is energy? I saw some weapons have small dmg, stun dmg AND emp dmg but when i hit alien only first two types are shown above. Reporting some major bugs in same time. Human heavy interceptor does not have pictures in base managment tab, aircraft equipment tab and combat screen. (I just copied interceptor images and named them properly.) Also I was unable to research extreme grenades. (In order to unlock Researches.ExtremeAlienGrenade you need weapon.AlienExtGrenade(AND)Researches.CaesantacticalcommanderInterrogation(OR)weapon.AlienExtGrenade(AND)Researches.SebilliantacticalcommanderInterrogation, but then I opened Items.xml and saw that item is called weapon.AlienExGrenade not weapon.AlienExtGrenade. I changed research.xml and delete that extra T, since you put everywhere Ex) Alien heavy shuttle is invisible on map. Hull at least, I can see door and interior when door is opened or I am inside ofc... Also i notice that some crashed ufo doesnt have reduced number of aliens. I have suspicions in some cases, cant really prove they do not land... but for heavy shuttle i have proof and I am 100% sure.