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  1. 2 hours ago, Skitso said:

    What about the mantis then? I've had them in a couple of UFO's with no backup units whatsoever..


    EDIT: What I mean is that should wraiths be accompanied with sebillian? If so, it's not happening at the moment.

    Scouts can contain just Mantids, or I think just Sectons. From destroyers onwards it’s either Psyons / Sectons, Sebillians / Mantids, or Wraith / Servitors. Plus the appropriate terror unit as the campaign goes on.

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  2. This update is also only accessible by switching to our Experimental branches (instructions on how to do so here) - although please be aware they have slower load times and worse performance than normal builds due to the extra logging they contain!

    Gameplay Updates:

    • Stunned aliens will no longer suffer damage from bleeding wounds (as it's not possible to heal their bleeding wounds).
    • The new Heavy Mentarch, Heavy Servitor and Heavy Cyberdrone enemy variants that appear late in the campaign are now palette swapped to look more distinctive from the standard versions, and are also now tougher and equipped with stronger weapons.
    • ARES now has 100HP instead of 80HP. This means it has the same base HP value as the MARS, but it has stronger armour which makes it tougher overall.
    • Basic Androns are now green rather than blue, matching their autopsy artwork.
    • Right-clicking on interactive parts of the UI will now trigger a click sound in the same way left-clicking does.
    • Added some new Andron "jump down" animations, in case they spawn above ground level.


    • Fixed a crash that could occur after a Xenonaut was killed by overwatch fire.
    • Fixed Reapers being unable to attack.
    • Fixed the Colossus armour animation issues that were causing it to disappear into the floor when attempting to walk in some circumstances.
    • Fixed grenades sometimes not inflicting any damage on terrain when they hit the middle of a large object (such as a clump of trees).
    • Fixed being unable to transfer Sentry Guns to a base that doesn't have any Living Capacity (they should only require Storeroom Capacity).
    • Fixed the "Passive Aircraft Regeneration Item" debug item appearing in the aircraft equipment lists if you sell an aircraft.
    • Fixed the teleport animation being visually stretched.
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  3. 2 hours ago, Nils said:

    A few things I have noticed.

    First of all I would really appreciate, that if a soldier is standing right next to an alien, the soldier should not be able to miss the shot. In my opinion it does not make sense, even with a snapshot of a rifle to have like a 60% miss chance if the alien stands next to you.

    Second, the ARES Plattform (successor of MARS) has much lower health, even though it says, that because it does not have moving parts, the armor plating can be much thicker. At this point of the game, the aliens do a lot of damage, which is fine. But the ARES should not be weaker than MARS, in fact it should be stronger.

    Third, in the tactical battle, I would really like to see the most 4 important stats of a soldier without going to his inventory. Accuracy, reflexes, health (already done) and time units (already done).


    Ah, good point about the ARES having less health than the MARS - I'll fix it so they're the same for the next patch. The ARES always has +5 Armour compared to the same armour on the MARS so it will be tougher once I fix the ARES to also have 100HP.

    I don't think I want to set the game up so that you have a 100% hit chance with any weapon at point-blank range; I don't think it'll make the game balance better. There's less room for soldier improvement and less room for making the weapons distinct from one another if we do that (e.g. why would you need shotguns if rifles can hit with all the shots from a 3-round burst?)

    You can quickly see the soldier accuracy in the bottom right hit info panel as soon as you hover over an enemy (or hold Ctrl to force fire).

  4. 15 hours ago, Adamantium said:

    I'm pretty sure it was overwatch and then the shield got destroyed +suppressed. seen that only this time but saw another instance too where the shield got destroyed but it was still visible


    can't reproduce it because I don't have the auto savefiles anymore. sorry

    No problem. If you see it again, grab the save files and we'll hopefully be able to fix it. I'll keep an eye out for the bug myself too.

  5. This update is also only accessible by switching to our Experimental branches (instructions on how to do so here) - although note they have slower load times and worse performance than normal builds due to the extra logging they contain!

    Gameplay Updates:

    • Added a small checkbox on the tactical mission loading screen that sets the game to auto-launch into the tactical combat once loading is complete (rather than waiting for you to press Begin Mission). The checkbox setting is persistent between missions.
    • Equipping armour or changing soldier role on the Soldier Equip screen now plays a sound.
    • Made the melee hit chance breakdown more descriptive by labelling the Attacker Reflexes and Defender Reflexes separately.


    • Attempted fix for certain players being unable to place their first base on the Geoscape.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when an Andron crushed certain walls in the tactical combat.
    • Fixed soldier count in dropship not increasing when using right-click to assign soldiers to dropships on the Soldier Equip screen.
    • Fixed the Xenopedia entry for the Scout UFO incorrectly reporting it was Evasive.
    • Fixed the Exosuit light / heavy armour variants not being consistently positioned on the Soldier Equip screen.
    • Fixed a "close" sound playing when you pressed the button to start a new campaign.
  6. 2 hours ago, Nobody6 said:

    Ah please don't. I was very pleasently surprised to notice that the game doesn't do this (in contrast to the first part).

    What do you mean, "akward resolution"? ;-) Every single university computer had at least one, usually two of those - for almost tow decades!


    Just for completeness, a screenshot.

    Air Battle Bug.png

    Yeah, I tested this in Unity and it's already letterboxed on the Geoscape and strategy manament screens, right? I think that's unavoidable, but I also think we can probably get away without the letterboxing in the air combat and tactical combat.

  7. 8 hours ago, Adamantium said:

    It reappeared in V3.8.0 - choose my africa base and try it with the mars units

    Strange. Yeah, I can see this - not quite sure how you got into this situation though (I think you've got two different Heavy Armour modules active at the same time).

    Anyway, it fixes itself as soon as you assign the MARS to a dropship so I'll list it as a low priority bug and we'll look into it more once the more important things are done!

  8. 16 hours ago, ADederer said:

    Having played through to the end, the initial deadliness faded, but slowly, I saw multiple submachine gun bursts hit 3 for 3 out at 10 odd squares (generally writing off a "naught").  Once the tech started catching up, things got easier (accelerated weapons actually have an age now!).  Progression seems smoother (but getting the proper load for the cleaner base is trapped behind a logjam of tech).

    1.  Air to air was smoother and easier.  Micromanagement isn't needed, just keeping up.  I think the heavy laser and particle beam may be blind alleys now.  Double slugthrowers and armor seem to be where it's at.

    2.  Money is only tight in a few spots.  Expansion early is quite doable (getting the needed aircraft, that's a different issue.

    3.  First time I gave a secondary base engineering (for upgrades etc..) also noted that security bots need living quarters now..

    4.  Radar and new base elevators are pricy, this both impacts when 2-3 radar coverage happens, and the upkeep keeps on biting.

    5.  Lasers have their age (the end of the cleaners to the first alien base assault).  Problems, they are STILL the only weapon with real ammo issues, and by the time they get an upgrade, they are obsolete.

    6.  Guardian armor is VERY awkward to work in.  Power armor overtakes it VERY quickly (if you can afford it).

    7.  Gauss seems good enough for the endgame, supplemented with Particle guns.

    8.  Once you get 2-3 bases going, resources and to a lesser extent money are rarely much of an issue.  After Cruisers, time is really the only one (the tech tree fades out).

    9.  Observer/Abductor is the "crazy" time for tech, keeping up is pretty much impossible, you have to set priorities.

    10.  The late ships are HUGE, but open and not THAT populated.  I took both fairly easily.  

    11.  Will have to see how the late mission goes, but Colossi look like a solution in search of a problem (the late ships have the space to flank in).  They'd be much more useful earlier.  Haven't tried them at the Alien base yet.  Are they supposed to get a Grenade launcher?  Look neat, but graphic bug only the first suit has leg animations the others shrink and "scoot".  Also, I keep wanted to tell them "Grandma what BIG eyes you have!"

    12.  Keeping wounds on unconscious aliens, allowing melee to miss and keeping the good non-lethal stuff for midgame threatens to make getting needed captures done in a timely manner MUCH more difficult.  Having your "prisoner" die after you move on (and no, you can't heal them) could delay getting medical upgrades (and that could be fatal).

    13,  Biggest rookie PITA.  Low-strength crew who have to skimp and can't carry ANY grenades.  Granted, part of this is that riflemen are my designated medics (module AND pack), but 40 strength is a real barrier.

    Thanks, this is good stuff. A few thoughts:

    I suppose Cleaners having 3-round burst SMGs can cause damage spikes when they highroll with their hit rolls and hit all three shots. You'll probably remember whenever it happens because it'll inflict a lot of damage until you get Warden armour. Not sure if I'll change that though; I do want the player to lose plenty of soldiers in the early game, as it's very X-Com in feel and it also makes getting proper armour feel more worthwhile.

    What you're saying about the Cleaner Base is interesting - what do you think the required loadout is for the mission? I'd have thought that Warden armour and Accelerated weapons should be enough; are you waiting for Lasers and / or Guardian armour?

    Sentry guns shouldn't need living space, just storeroom space. If that's not how it works then please make a bug report for it (ideally with saves) and we'll get it fixed.

    Yeah, the late game has a lot less balancing than the early game - it's very time consuming to play that deep into the game. It might well be that there's not enough aliens in the late UFOs, and that they're not strong enough to make Gauss weapons a bit obselete. I'll keep an eye on that.

    Interesting point about keeping stunned aliens alive when you try to capture them, now we've disallowed healing aliens. That's probably very frustrating. We'll have a think about how to address that.

    For the Colossus (or the Exosuit), if you're having animation issues with it then please make a bug report so we can fix it.

    I think you make a good point that the Colossus might actually be better if introduced earlier - I'm wondering if it makes sense to swap the Colossus and Exosuit around, and then maybe have an upgrade for the Colossus unlocked off the Harvester that improves its armour. The Exosuit is a very strong suit of general-purpose armour that has very few disadvantages, so it would kinda makes sense if it was the "ultimate" armour. Whereas the Colossus could be the first crude exosuit design; very tough but with some serious disadvantages, which means you'd want to build a few of them but it doesn't totally replace the Guardian / Stealthsuit.

  9. On 5/29/2024 at 10:02 AM, Rakiii said:

    some more hints: 

    - There have been no Sebillians (just Servitors in missions)

    - Melee weapons (baton, knife) are harder to use now (changed functionality, you can miss now)

       I am fine with the change but I would reduce TU spent to compensate (from 25% TU > 20%); I would also reduce weight of knife to 8

      - Upgraded version of knife disappeared after researching (no knife to pick)

    Thanks. Yeah, UFOs generally have three crews now - Sectons, Sebillians or Wraiths (who have Sevitors backing them up). You might just be unlucky and not encountering Sebillians? I'll see if there's a way we can guarantee some kind of introduction to them on a ground mission.

    The upgraded knife disappearing issue is fixed now. I'll have a think about changing the TU cost on melee weapons.

  10. 23 hours ago, Nobody6 said:

    When something unexpected happens (e.g. reation fire) or during the enemy turn, the camera usually shows me what's happening. But sometimes it focuses on the center point between the shooter and the impact point, with both of them being off the screen (usually to the left and right), so I see neither.

    I assume this happens because the game doesn't take the aspect ratio of my screen (5 to 4) or it's resolution (1280x1024) into account.

    Thanks. Yeah, we'll look at this one too, it'll be the same fundamental issue as the other bugs you've reported.

  11. 23 hours ago, Nobody6 said:

    I noticed there is some sort of formation selection at the top left at the beginning of air battles. But I can't really tell, because at least half of it is outside of my screen.

    I assume that the game can't handle my 5 to 4 ratio screen resolution (1280x1024 pixels) properly.

    Thanks. Yeah, I can reproduce this. We'll take a look at this and see if we can fix it - but that's a really awkward screen resolution :)

    Realistically the solution will probably be letterboxing and the top and bottom, and then trying to get the camera to detect things as if you were playing 1280x720 instead.

  12. 23 hours ago, Nobody6 said:

    If you move/scroll the world map towards Asia, the view suddenly jumps. This also happens if you center on something e.g. an UFO. This means that certain areas connot be shown near the middle of the screen. It is also very disorienting.

    Together with another bug, I can only assume that the game makes incorrect assumptions about my screen resolution or aspect ratio, which used to be most popular but is now rare: 1280x1024 (aspect ratio 5:4).

    Thanks - do you have a save game you can send us? And maybe a screenshot to show us what the affected areas are?

  13. 10 hours ago, FreedomField said:

    After completing a data capture mission, the dropship only gets about halfway back to the base before the game crashes. It should be mentioned that I was using cheats: I used cheat engine to give myself more money, and I used cheat commands to finish the mission in one turn. I collected all the data, as well as all the cleaner bodies, if that's relevant.

    Edit 1: I tried redirecting the dropship to see if proximity to the base is having any effect, but it is not. Given that the crash is occurring at exactly 17:00 on day 23 in-game, I suspect that may be the source of the issue. I also tried completing the mission after several turns, and this also had no effect. I will see if aborting the mission changes anything.

    Edit 2: I tried aborting the mission, which did not work. Reloading an earlier save and not going on another ground mission at the window of time in which the crash occurs does not result in a crash. It also shows that at that moment in time, scientists and engineers that had been ordered arrived at their bases, thus it is likely that their arrival while the dropship is airborne is the likeliest cause of the crash.

    bug_report_2024-05-30-00h21_st_4.1.0_unhandled_exception.zip 2.72 MB · 2 downloads

    Thanks, we'll take a look. I think you're correct that it's linked to the engineers / scientists being hired.

  14. 10 hours ago, Ruggerman said:

    I am not sure, if my problem is a setup configuration or a bug, but I can move to cursor around the screen, to click on the troops, and give orders, but when I move the cursor to the edge of the screen to move the frame Up, Down, and Left or right, it does not respond, I have to use the arrow keys to move in those directions.

    Is it a bug, or do I need to change some interface software...!!

    This might also be an issue linked to touchscreens or having touch peripherals plugged in? I think the bug about not being able to place the base is also caused by the same thing.

    You should check the setting that Kouki mentioned in his post above, but if that doesn't fix it then do you have any touch peripherals plugged in?

    If so, does everything work normally if you remove it?


  15. 23 hours ago, Rakiii said:

    I have used medkit on injured soldier and he has fallen unconscious.

    I also couldn´t revive unconscious soldier.

    bugReport2024-05-29-11h41-GC-4.0.0-myBugTitle.zip 11.89 MB · 4 downloads

    Thanks. We need a bit more information on this bug though - which soldier was affected? Are you able to reproduce the bug?

    If I load the most recent save there's no stunned soldiers, and if I make one pass out in the smoke then the medikit seems to revive them properly.

  16. This update is also only accessible by switching to our Experimental branches (instructions on how to do so here) - although note they have slower load times and worse performance than normal builds due to the extra logging they contain!

    Gameplay Updates:

    • Added extra logging to help us try and fix the issue where people are unable to place the initial base, as we're still trying to diagnose why this is affecting some people.
    • Right-clicking a soldier in the Unassigned soldier list on the Soldier Equip screen will now automatically assign them to an available slot in the dropship (this is the inverse of the fast right-click unassignment you can do when viewing the list of assigned soldiers).
    • There's now a sound effect when soldiers change armour or equip the jetpack / heavy armour modules on the Soldier Equip screen.
    • Updated inventory pick up / drop sounds for the HEVY, Stun Baton and Combat Knife.
    • Improved the path prediction code to prevent situations where the move path would show soldiers being able to move a shorter distance than they were actually able to.
    • Updated the text on the Crash Report panel shown when you start the game up after a crash (previously it was incorrectly showing text from the Bug Report panel, which is similar but not the same).
    • The Bug Report / Crash Report panels now limit the size of Unity crash logs in the zip files to a sensible size.

    Balance Changes:

    • Added another wave of UFOs to the second month as there were long periods without any spawns.
    • Fixed aircraft armour not being available in unlimited quantities.
    • Battleships have been stripped out of the game after the campaign times out at day 320. They'll be arriving properly in our next major update!


    • Fixed the AI overwatch hang linked to Wraiths.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when arranging soldiers in the dropship prior to the Rescue Soldiers mission.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to dismiss soldiers.
    • Fixed the Energy Knife not appearing in the Armory, but appearing in the base stores as a transferrable item (this also fixes a crash on the Stores screen due to transferring an infinite quantity item).
    • Fixed Phantom / Gemini integrated aircraft armour not repairing (unless you also had an additional armour item equipped on the aircraft).
    • Fixed an issue with the landed Abductor hull that allowed you to see through the hull and reveal the interior from certain angles.
    • Fixed some incorrect information being displayed in the bottom right Hit Chance element for melee attacks.
    • Alien Grenades and Alien Advanced Grenades are now marked as Junk item for sale purposes.
    • Updated the Aerial Warfare research project text to reflect missiles / torpedoes are now free, rather than needing to be constructed.
    • Fixed a typo in the Cleaner Agent interrogation text.
    • Fixed a visual issue on one of the Western Town petrol station buildings.
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