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  1. Hey. In what file are the UFO crews registered?
  2. Hi. how to get information in sight
  3. Hey. I can not find how to enable the display of the chance of hitting in %. tell me, is there such a thing in the game?
  4. venom274

    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    Hey. I can not find how to enable the display of the chance of hitting in%. tell me, is there such a thing in the game?
  5. Hey. I can not find how to enable the display of the chance of hitting in %. tell me, is there such a thing in the game?
  6. Good evening. To describe Xenopedia in Russian, I would like to have additional information. Where can I see the details? Abilities="Regeneration", "Robotic, Heavy", "Jetpack", "Teleportation", "SpawnReaper,MeleeVehicles", Zombify, SpawnReaper.HostXEmpress2.HostXEmpress2.0 Where can I see information about the psi. In file psionicpowers_gc? Is it necessary to see the goal for the use of psi? For myself, I did so. It is very convenient to compare the parameters of the weapon Новый точечный рисунок.bmp
  7. <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.sonicriflemk1.desc</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s87"><Data ss:Type="String">&#10; Sonic Rifle MK-1:&#10; V нет описания <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0"> <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.sonicprecisionmk1.desc</Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s87"><Data ss:Type="String">&#10; Precision Sonic Mk-1:&#10; &#8226; RANGE:__________________________6 &#8226; DAMAGE:________________ENERGY 120 &#8226; MITIGATION:_____________________0 &#8226; SUPPRESSION:___________________2 &#8226; REACTION MODIFIER:___________2.0 &#8226; AMMO CAPACITY:________________6 &#8226; WEIGHT:________________________4 &#8226; HANDS:_________________________1 &#8226; HEAVY:________________________NO &#8226; RELOAD COST:______________TU 10&#10; FIRE MODES: - 33%% TU______________30 ACC X 1 SHOT - 45%% TU_____________45 ACC X 1 SHOT &#10; </Data><NamedCell ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell>
  8. <Rank type="praetorian"> <Props APs="120" Resilience="200" Strength="240" Accuracy="100" Reflexes="120" Bravery="100" CrouchDisabled="1" Abilities="Heavy, Regeneration" /> <Armour kinetic="30" energy="9" chemical="200" incendiary="12" /> <Items killed="Items.AndronCorpse" stunned="Items.AndronGuard" /> <BloodHitSprite name="particles/hit_xenoblood/hit_xenoblood" /> <Equipments> <Equipment> <PrimaryWeapon name="weapon.praetorianbite" /> <SecondaryWeapon name="weapon.praetoriantail" /> <Belt> </Belt> </Equipment>
  9. Hay. Laser weapons in the kinetic tab
  10. Hay. File xenopedia does not open. I use Exel 2013 b 2010. Throw, please, a file that exactly opens.

  11. Hey. The soldier was stuck. Stand up, can sit down. He can not walk. batl7.sav
  12. File xenopedia does not open. I use Exel 2013. Throw, please, a file that exactly opens. Новый точечный рисунок.bmp
  13. Thank you friend. I'll take your advice. The aliens are already trembling, seeing that the chinook is coming to the landing. And they envy those who died in the accident. It's better to die than to get alive to our scientists)). About resistance to the damage, I realized. I looked in aiprops. Caesans - energy+ shild, Sebillian kinetic + regeneration, Andron kinetic+ chemical. Tell me the limits of training my soldiers? 100 or more? Or where you can see their parameters and limits. I love to grow superhumans.
  14. Excellent. Everything has worked and I am sincerely happy to join the crowd of admirers of the creators of this fashion and game. I cried with happiness, passing the first mission. Nostalgia. I just started, but I want to say - thank you very much for the best game in the style of ufo. I played 100 and 100 (1000?) Hours in OpenXcom. And now, I'm afraid, I'll have to cross out of my life as much as I did. Cursed aliens.)) Tell me, maybe there are some instructions or wiki for internal use, where the file is written for what it answers. If I suddenly decide to translate something for myself into Russian.