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  1. Another thing that can be done with the GOG version, and what I personally prefer to do with an install. Extract XCE into a subdirectory under the main, and then copy steam_api.dll and the assets directory into there, and then XCE should run fine. I've only recently remembered having to do this myself, and I prefer it because I don't want to alter the primary installation.
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    How do we cheat and get more money?

    Okay, I'm certainly very late into this conversation, and this "user" is obviously already gone, which alone proves this was spam, but if you go there with AdBlock installed, it actually tries to tell you that AdBlock breaks their site, that they don't run malicious ads anyway, but the extension blocks other links and resources. This is a lie, and could only be told out of complete utter ignorance, or because they are trying to run something AdBlock normally stops . . . like . . . malicious ads?