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  1. I've played through phase 1 up until 19th November. Attached an image of my storage screen. So they definitely do show up, and have a chance to appear from the very first wave (typically a single fighter in that case).
  2. The spiritwolf is actually a transformer in disguise ... or it could be a bug i guess
  3. All strings entries call it Spiritwolf MAG, is that an x-pedia entry?
  4. Ahh, it was a problem with the string name. Fixed.
  5. I've gone through strings and all descriptions for that DSB appear to be fine? Can you clarify where the information is missing in-game.
  6. This is actually a X:CE bug. The workaround is to toggle roof visibility by clicking the button indicated in the pic to the state shown With that, you should be able to see enough of the top level to finish the map.
  7. Fixed. We've also clarified some of the Operator names in the specialists x-pedia entry.
  8. those 3 have a chance to unlock any of the data hacks, but it could also be unlocked by a combination of operators. The game rolls a random number at the start of each campaign to decide exactly who you need to capture to unlock each datahack. Also, which technology a datahack affects per phase is also rolled at the start of each campaign. (it's complicated )
  9. Thanks for the feedback @zlodeische. both of these @Charon can answer better than me. Mag minigun mk-3 is unlocked by researching a data hack which relies on capturing Operators (Sebillian in this case) Chem grenades were bugged in earlier releases but have since been fixed. I either keep track of who i've captured in notepad or just write it down manually. You can also check the xenopedia alien units section to see who you've already interrogated. Gotta catch 'em all .... oh wait, wrong game This was fixed in a recent release. I can't really comment on this as there's not enough information provided. I will say that air combat crashes were exceedingly rare? Are you trying to play 0.99.2 with X:CE 34.2? As Sectiplave and drages said, you really should update your X-Division version
  10. I don't use Steam, but the instructions from drages should be correct.
  11. You appear to have missed a vital step in the installation. I'll copy it from the original post. This mod is map pack ressource depending: Khalls´s Tundra Tileset Random Map Pack Arctic Collection Random Map Pack Desert Style Random Map Pack Farm Edition Restored Community Map Pack Skitsos Alien Base Booster Pack Skitsos Improved Tile Art Pack Skitsos Ultimate Mega Mix Map Pack 2000 All this map packs are available in XCE as of 0.34.1. It looks like this: X:CE is absolutely required to be able to play this mod. Try following that (and arranging your mod order as shown). Once done, you should be able to play the mod. EDIT : I've attached an updated mod loader order which works for me (the image above was from a previous version of X:CE and X-Division)
  12. Can you post a screenshot of your modloader order, or provide a save game where this crash occurs please.
  13. Suave, can you post a screenshot of your modloader screen. When i went to load that save, it said that it was created using 4 additional mods Skitso's Map Pack - Outdated, don't use Furies, Terror, and Dreadnoughts Oh My - don't use (this is the one causing the early Phase 3 units) Armoured Assault! - don't use Charon's Changes, Psi,Sounds - should be ok, but i've never used it, so don't know if it affects terror missions. @Charon? The units you're fighting are actually Phase 3 ones (Warriors)
  14. The only real differences i can see is that my loader labels X:CE Base Mod as 0.35 UNSTABLE (might be a GoG version issue) and that you have ultimate ambient sounds added (with highest priority) which might be causing problems? I've played through to the end of phase 2 now and only experienced a couple of crashes, all when loading a gc (a reload worked every time). Edit : Yes, Part 2 is no longer required, so don't activate that.
  15. Can you post a screenshot of your modloader list?
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