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    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    Oh, I am sorry, I did look at that thread and thought this was the right place. Thank you for your time and enjoy your retirement!.
  2. Dariosgas

    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    Hmm, It's something :D, thanks, though I'd like to ask a few more questions 1) Which are "the files" you refer to when you say "If you can read the files"?. I am guessing they are all the .xml files, but I can't find information such as alien specific resistances. 2)How the hell do you take down a terror carrier?. Foxtrots in x-division videos are way tankier than in my game (playing on easy): they can take two terror-drone hits or several scout missiles; while in my game foxtrots are destroyed with one terror drone or one corvette spear-cannon. Is it just the way it is in x-division 1.00.01?, am I missing a tech?. 3)The "reveal enemies after 20 turns during terror missions"-mechanic doesn't seem to be working, I've spent hours looking for that damned last alien that was hiding in a dark corner at the 5th floor of a building. 4)I have two monitors (one with the game, another one with... not-porn, usually an x-division playthrough), but xenonauts doesn't let me move my mouse cursor to anything that is not xenonauts. I am on win10, is there a way to take the cursor away from xenonauts without having to minimize the game?.
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    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    Soo, I the mod looks promising and I've enjoyed many hours of it already, but I am having a hard time finding the kind of information I am looking for. Is there an X-Division manual somewhere?. Knowing the mechanics is a huge part of this game, but I've searched the forums for a long time and can't find anything capable of quenching my desire for information. The kind of information I am looking for is, for example, stat gain mechanics, promotion mechanics, mental status, reflexes! and... pretty much everything. And why not extra info about the enemies because the autopsies descriptions are barely enough in most cases. Also, and just as important as mechanics: the tech tree!- is there an easily accessible tech tree?. I know, there is a tech tree in graphml format, I even went through the hassle of downloading the required graphics editor. It *almost* worked, but I fail to find out how to search for techs unless I know exacly what the tech is called like in the graph. For example, if I search for "defender" or "shock", the editor won't find any macthes. Going through the xml with a text editor isn't exactly user friendly either. Besides that, is there a way to tempt aliens out of the room they are guarding?. For example in an alien base raid or any larger UFO I am having a hard time clearing the last room because some aliens will just sit in one corner and discharge a full machinegun burst on your flank as soon as you pop your head inside the room, resulting in a dead soldier most times. I've tried with a shield and a knife (for reflexes, kinda guessing it reduces the chances of triggering reaction fire) with no success. Another thing: are cannons (as in division cannon) useful at all?. All other weapons have their niche, but I still haven't found what cannons are good for. They are heavy, innacurate, clips are huge and have little ammo, you can't go for pointblank shots, they don't destroy cover better than grenades, they don't supress better than machineguns, and they destroy loot.