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  1. Well... "Shieldman" I think may have two general layouts: "Grenadier" (Shield+pistol+pack of grenades) and "Heavy assault" (Shield+SMG+Meele weapon)
  2. And some more about UFO... After couple games in this version I`ve got point, that I personally would prefere X-1 style UFOs, instead of UFO:EU style ones. (I`ll explain that in "features") And actually I can`t find any use for pistol in combat (it may be not for this thread, but I just caught this thought and don`t whant to loose it). Pistol is very weak as weapon, bad range, bad damage, unlimited ammo can`t make picture any better. The only situation I can see pistol- sniper, this class needed (as all other) in sidearms, but something heavier (SMG for example) may make sniper too powerful, or make him suffer lack of TU for really aimed sniper shots, in that case... it will be good idea to keep pistol in sniper`s pocket.
  3. Machinegunner eventually can get alien throw UFO wall or non 100% blocking object, but there is no big chance on it. Rifleman\assault\sniper can`t break rocks and other enviroment (exclude UFO).
  4. Just couple words about release. 1. UFO... guys... that metal box, actually never will fit my sense of beauty and style, but... it`s amazing! The only I can say against- it`s too fragile =) I can imagine, that it`s because there is no explosives in game, but UFO walls may be a bit harder to break. There is some issues with it like unable to look inside UFO from outside (soldier must come inside to see something), and, mentioned here LOS issues with diagonal walls. 2. AI... well in 0.4.0 aliens was much easier than here =) it`s not bad, but first time it was a bit surprising.