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  1. Should I diag when I'm running the game, during the load issue, or when the game isn't running? I'm only barely familiar with Diag
  2. I like the fear of the unknown when those blue balls of death come in from nowhere. For me, the biggest part of the game is the mystery of the aliens that makes it great. Even for the day missions, I don't mind the distance; but I did wish there was a way to get armor or equipment that made it possible to see further or at least the unarmored vision... but since I haven't gotten far in the game there might just be such an armor or equipment. Otherwise, I've always got two poor saps in my Dropship who's expressed position is point man, or dead man.
  3. When I was able to play the Battlescape, the resting rate was 50 FPS; when I would scroll, move a unit, wait for reactionary fire, or any other kind of actual animation the frame rate went down to 10-20 FPS. Prior to this last Battlescape game, I could have moved two units at the same time and would see only 2-5 FPS reduction from the resting 60 FPS. But I couldn't tell you want the current FPS is in Battlescape since I can't actually get past the load screen for it. To take you through my experience: I load a game, down a UFO, send the Dropship to the location, hit engage, wait a few seconds to see the cursor change to the Battlescape cursor, hear music, and then no change after that--it seems to get stuck.
  4. No, restarting the game has no effect on the load screen, which seems to hold indefinitely the last time I let the game run a whole night to see if it would actually load the game given enough time.
  5. I'm not particularly computer savvy, but what I wikki-ed sounds like it; but it said that it usually stops once the application is terminated. But it does conform to the degenerative effect I seem to be seeing; although at this point its become a totality. If somehow it was a memory leak though, wouldn't have the uninstall and reinstall have fixed that? or at least reset it? Just in case, I ran Never Winter Nights 2 (while not a terribly taxing game, more so than Xenonauts is for sure) to see if it was the computer, but it ran it at the 60 FPS I expect with low to mid graphics games on this computer. I don't think its my computer.
  6. It's kind of like the UN Peacekeepers: how much would you donate to a foreign and autonomous force defend you? People like to have control of their own defenses, especially the titans that are the US and USSR (at the height of the Cold War no less). You as the commander of Xenonauts have to prove, through fire and blood, that you are a better option to defend the world against aliens than an un-unified and irregular defense country to country. I think it makes perfect sense, geopolitically. The world was polarized between NATO and USSR so everyone is really paranoid of each other; the short story did quite a good job at illustrating that point: "Yeah, there are aliens out there, but you guys aren't to be trusted with their technology".
  7. I'm experiencing the same issue I stated on another thread. If Greg's computer specs are similar to mine, we might have a ballpark to work with on what is causing the freeze on the loading of Battlescape.
  8. I did a complete reinstall but it did nothing for the load. If it helps, I still get the music but when I Control+Alt+Delete it says the program is not responding (probably because its trying to load the Battlescape, so I don't think that's terribly useful).
  9. I used the AMD auto detect program and my drivers are up to date. And I have tried multiple reboots but to no avail, including full shut downs. I've deleted all my saves and tried a new game, but still the problem persists. I think my next plan of action is to completely re-install the program, and make sure my Desura copy isn't causing any issues either. If these plans fail, I will return in search of more answers. I can't think of anything significant that changed regarding my computer from when it was working fine, to when it was not.
  10. It's a medium UFO, and I've hit the Battlescape on those a number of times before with no issues. The computer is not new but the specs are: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1 Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Model: ASUS Notebook G73Jh Series Processor: IntelĀ® Core i7 CPU Q720 @ 1.6GHz Installed memory: 6.00 GB System type: 64-bit Operating System Also this is the Steam version of the game.
  11. I've been playing the game quite a bit recently, and I've noticed as I continue to play, my load times for the Battlescape continue to increase to the point where I can no longer actually load the Battlescape in any kind of reasonable space of time. The last Battlescape I ran was hovering at 10-20 FPS when usually I'm running between 50-60 on any Battlescape before that last game. I wondered if the Battlescape was trying to load a bunch of old data, so I made a copy of my current save and deleted all of my autosave data and other game saves but to no avail. I don't believe this is a save file issue, and I was wondering if anyone had similar issues and any ways to resolve it. I want to play some Xenonauts!