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    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    If You want to play with quotes? I dont like this but ... here Ya go. Go n' play those games. Who dont want to have Apocalypse turn/real time? Try to read harder ... Yall find another bottom. Who said it need to be simulator compared to WarThunder or so? Can be very basic, even more than Interceptor. Sometimes its like no damn way he missed! With this feature ... here ya go ... thats why. Again. Try to read harder ... Yall find another bottom. Maybe someone else can take the base of not present player? So if one player will play this, he will control all bases alone? I dont know ... maybe its possible, to use common sense from time to time. I know its hard ... but try sometimes. Solve problems instead building them. Better graphics. What for? Theres no possibility to fly over 50% range for fighters to take down UFO after PSR (Point of safe return). Theres no possibility to smash aliens with armored vehicles. Graphics ... who cares? This is old xcom.
  2. Peek

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    In few points. 1. What ooey said. Dont make it as RTS or do it as it was in Xcom Apocalypse where there was a possibility to choose between turn and rts. 2. If we can move our soldiers, why we cant move our planes in 3D?? Why not from the cockpit? Yes ... why not some basic simulator? 3. If we can move our soldiers and force them to shoot ... why we cant do it on our own? Moving soldiers in turns with normal view but possibility to shoot on your own from first person. If that, the faster You were moving, the stronger arms are shaking. 4. Multiplayer? Why not! Up to 4-5 guys in game. Players as separate base commanders. Cooperation only on strategic map and strategic moves. Maybe with directly shooting down UFOs. More often alien activity and time on slowest. Could be turned faster when all playing guys will turn it on same speed (faster or slower). Like voting. With this ... fatigue and stress of the soldiers, pilots. So playing with only one squad will not be possible anymore. 5. Here You got players that dont look for the graphics like real. We are looking for fantastic game. That graphic, which is in Xenonauts now, is good enough. Dont waste Your time on that. Dear developers ... thats the way of the future !!!